Molly 8 Months

Ears make everything better

The biggest news is the crawling. It’s not scooting or army crawling. It’s really full blown crawling! In addition to this, she pulls herself up onto things and walks along them and will walk when holding someone’s hands. She once stood on her own for a full 10 seconds before crash landing.

Who me?

When she gets really excited she pants.

Helping with the housework

Has 2 bottom teeth and isn’t afraid to use them. She has bitten me while nursing a few times and my reaction was not positive. I’m pretty sure once day I scared her into not nursing for nearly 12 hours. I had to pump to feed her milk.

You name it, she eats it. Especially fruit.

This year was Molly’s first trip to the pumpkin patch. Bobby, an old hand at this sort of thing, was showing her the ropes. Basically, you lift every pumpkin and deem it too big until Grandma finds a cart, then you choose a big one.

First trip to the pumpkn patch.

Kissing on the wagon

Before Molly could sit up, she grew too large to be manageable in the sink. Now that she can sit, it’s a perfect way to bathe her since it uses less water than the tub and she’s very secure. The only problem is that she can reach too much stuff, like the tap and the espresso machine.

Still fits!

Apres Bain

Molly is enjoying the park much more than Bobby did at this age. She will tolerate the swing whereas he cried in them.

Swinging is serious business

Eating sand at the park

She is beginning to be interested in the dogs. Tyrone loves it when she plays with his collar.
I like your necklace...

Afternoon Nap

These last two videos are a good reflection of how we spend our time.

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Molly 7 Months

Happy Laundry Day

The big news this month is that Molly has been eating food. She is a GOOD eater, you can tell by her thighs. Bobby always likes food but didn’t eat quite so much of it. Molly’s first food was peaches (as they were perfectly in season at the time) and she ate an entire one the first time. Since then she has had:

  • yellow and green zucchini
  • sweet potato
  • pear
  • apple
  • black beans
  • oats
  • red rice
  • arrowroot cookie
  • banana
  • broccoli

First meal - peaches


There's no more food?

She has refused nothing and we are often astounded as to how much she’ll eat in a sitting.


Just awoke from nap

Molly has been to the park lots of times but she’s just started to play on the equipment and in the sand.

On the slide.

Serious Baby is Serious


She’s also started going to Baby Time at the library and to the playgroup I used to bring Bobby to all the time.

In the 360

She spends more time sitting up unaided and playing with toys. Lately she’s been getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth but has yet to (successfully) propel herself forward. When sitting though she’ll end up a few feet over from where she started within minutes just for her constant wiggling to get toys.

See my vest?

Lip suck


Also, mirrors are awesome. If she is in any way upset just get her in front of one and she’s all about GETTING THAT DANGED BABY.
Um... who's that?

I’m starting to get the hang of caring for curly hair. It’s a lot of work!

Post-bath curls

An ode the Bobby:
She now has differentiated vocalizations. Her top sounds are: adadadadada, bobobobobobob and maaaaamaaaaamaaaa forlowwed closely by yyrrrriiiiii!!! when REALLY ANGRY. But she also does this soundless guppy face.

On this day:
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In 2006 – “wrap each end around the back and to the front again”

Bobby 3.3

Mean Goalie

Bobby is out of the summer thing and into the fall thing this month. He’s noticed that some leaves are changing colours. To him this means “the trees are turning into Naple Trees and fall is coming”. There is no correcting him.

He is now diaper free! Well mostly. He wears pull-ups to bed, just in case. When he makes a poo he tells one of us to come see but before standing up to show it off he says “There’s something… What could it be? You have to be happy and proud. And DON’T tell SECRETS!” Then he stands and you look in a quietly congratulate him so no one else can hear, and then he screams to the other parent “Hey Mommy/Daddy! I made a big stinky poo!!!” We are all thrilled.

Lately castles and castle themed (horses, dragons, royalty) play has been a big hit. I think seeing this set-up at Mrs. Tiggy Winkles didn’t hurt.


Dancing Dragon

Bobby has been getting more interested in his appearance. Sometimes he wants his hair gelled, other times he wants it smooth. There are a couple of outfits that he knows for certain match really well so he likes to choose those first. He always has the option of dressing himself but will often ask either Brent or I to do it in the morning if he is ‘too busy’.

Hair gel

He is also taking on more responsibilities. It’s ‘generally’ his job to feed the dogs and he likes to do it. He also enjoys helping to change over the laundry and to put his clean and folded clothes into the appropriate drawers. On Sundays we have cleaning day and if he’s an enthusiastic helper, he gets an ‘allowance’ which consists of any change we can scrounge up. He saves the pennies aside for throwing into the water fountain at the mall.

He thinks he’s an ok climber, but not a very good one. I tell him otherwise but I think he’s dreaming of reaching the top and not just the lower branches.

A good climber

Two of his cousins have moved back into town. I was watching one who had no childcare for the day so I kept Bobby home as well. They had a super fun time together. We spent most of the day at the park. The two cousins also spent the entire weekend here recently and even though there were some hard times and overload, Bobby had a blast.

Superheo and SIdekick having a snack

Bobby graduated from his level of gymnastics and next time we sign him up he can go without a parent! He is taking a gymnastics break and giving soccer another try right now though.

Kicking out his legs


In addition to harvesting the watermelon he started growing last February (too early, it was white inside), Bobby came apple picking with us. He really enjoyed it and could have stayed much longer but we felt that 25 lbs of apples is enough.

Home Grown

Apple Picking

He’s still totally in love with Molly although now that she’s getting a little grabby we’re hearing a lot of “No Molly! Don’t do that!” but it’s fine once we remind him that she’s just learning how to be a social person. Whenever she’s cranky he does whatever he can to make her laugh. He’s even tried to help her fall asleep once or twice. Points for effort if not for success!

Playing in the garage


Video games have become a new awesome thing. Specifically playing Lego Star Wars with Brent. Basically Brent plays and Bobby holds the extra, not plugged in, controller and thinks he’s doing everything. He gets very excited.

Bobby has always said “be next” instead of “right next” and we just realized that we didn’t have a video of it, so the other night I got my camera set up and we got the conditions to be just right to catch it.

At Playgroup


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Molly 6 months

What a muffin!

So I am now halfway through this maternity leave thing. Molly sure is growing up!

She now sits up and plays with some toys, however, she’s wobbly so she sometimes crashes. The fun thing is she doesn’t mind!

She’s also super into the jolly jumper. Her best jumps are when I aren’t looking. If she thinks I can’t see then she goes bananas on the thing.

She’s also getting good at anticipating outcomes. She knows where to look if someone is playing peekaboo with her behind an object and she knows what sounds to make to get picked up 😉

She still eats her toes.
Toes - It's what's for dinner

She sleeps all scrunched up in one end of her crib. I still have it at the bassinet setting so this scrunching is convenient.
All scrunched up

Since I’m never ever going to cut her hair (ok maybe SOMEDAY), HAIRCLIPS ARE A MUST. Also a must? Making an old man face.
Old Man Face

Bobby got this spinny glow ball toy from my mom. (My mom brought Molly a toy from a Kinder Surprise… no comment) and Molly LOVES it. Whenever Bobby turns it on her whole body is electrified and she lurches towards it. Here she has it at last and can see into all of our souls.
I can see the future!

I LOVE this shot.
Love this. It reminds me od a Bobby pic from the same age.

It reminds me of this one of Bobby at the same age.
Bobby Blue Eyes

I had this and loved it as a kid so I HAD to get it for Molly when I saw it at the consignment store.
Classic Tupperware Shape Sorter

These jammies are so cute. Normally, I only use footed jammies and would use something like this as playclothes but it clearly says Tweet Dreams so there’s not much getting around it.
My favorite PJs right now

Also, her air goes crazy curly sometimes.

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Bobby 3 years old!!!

Dandelion Fluff

Today Bobby turns three years old! He has grown into such a wonderful boy. Even better than I expected and I definitely had high hopes.

Lately, if Molly is fussing in the car, he tells me it’s because I’m driving too fast and I have to slow down, although whenever this happens I’m nowhere near speeding.

Raised some butterflies and you can read all about it here.

Overdid it on sugar at a friend’s party, went insane and threw his dinner all over the wall.
Meat based Wall art
Meatballs on the wall

He’s pretending to be a picky eater. Lately he’s taken to saying “I don’t liiiike it…” as soon as he sees his meal. We tell him he has to try one bite of each thing and after that he doesn’t have to eat anything he doesn’t like, but he likes it all unless we’ve made something truly horrible, then we order a pizza.
Stuffed Zucchini sail boat

All winter when we drove through downtown we would pass by Maman and Bobby would get so excited so once there was some decent weather we actually PARKED THE CAR, GOT OUT AND WENT UP TO HER. He was thrilled. He told our neighbour all about it and for his birthday she brought him a magnet and a t-shirt with Maman on them. He adores her!
Maman hovering over Bobby
(His pose in this picture is now his go-to. He does it when being very serious about something)

Going for a walk

Playing pretend is going strong. Here he is being a cowboy;
Daddy HorseI have a video of this but I feel so badly for Brent when I watch it…

Here he is trying to be Johnny Depp being Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Hunter S. Thompson?

Here he is showing his ‘Angry Face’ which is nowhere near what his REAL angry face is like.
Angry Face

He also talk in Robot Voice complete with “bleep boop”

He got some new Seuss books and really enjoys The Lorax (be kind to trees) and The Butter Battle (the Cold War is stupid)
Reading about the Cold War

Had a pirate birthday party with lots of fun, friends and family.
Pirate Captain Bobby

About the blow out the candles on his birthday cake.


Today he’s having a little party at daycare. When he gets home he gets to open the gifts from me and Brent (an acoustic guitar and a bunch of Hotwheels stuff respectively) then have a dinner he chose himself (macaroni and cheese with bacon and a side of broccoli) before we take him out for an ice cream dessert.

The Essence of Childhood a video by tianadargent on Flickr.

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The Painted Lady

A while back when I read about how to find and raise a monarch butterfly on The Art of Doing Stuff, I was totally inspired to get this in he works fir Bobby. He LOVES butterflies and it was one of his first obsessions ( along with balls and fans). Finding an egg and feeding the caterpillar with copious amounts of milkweed seemed like a lot of work and I had back burnered the idea until one day a couple of weeks ago when my doorbell rang during Brent’s band practice.

Our next door neighbour raises butterflies. I know she provides them to a nearby school to help teach about metamorphosis and she is a retired teacher herself. She came by with a small container housing two painted lady caterpillars, a lump of food and a lot of poop. She is wonderful and she told Bobby what to expect.

  1. they might eat a bit more
  2. they would attach their bums to the top and hang down
  3. they would make a “J” shape
  4. they would become chrysalises

Bobby was convinced she meant a cocoon but he shortly corrected his belief based on false information provided by Eric Carle. Moths come from cocoons. We kept them in a lit area but out of direct light and checked on them often. A day later they were “J” shaped and a day after that, one had become a chrysalis. I was watching as the remaining caterpillar became very stiff, then it started vibrating, then it’s outer layer started sliding upward as the chrysalis was revealed below. I should have taken a video but I was too awestruck. It’s seriously magical. Bobby looked a couple times and Brent didn’t even glance. he totally missed out. For real.

Caterpillars about to become chrysalises

Then, as instructed, we went next door and told our neighbour what had transpired.

The next day she came back with a larger home for the chrysalises and transferred them over.
Chrysalises transferred to larger container

Once again she told Bobby what to expect.

  1. they would look the same for 10-12 days
  2. shortly before the butterflies hatch, their chrysalises will get blackish
  3. when they come out, there will be a little blood but it’s ok and they are not hurt
  4. when they come out their wings will be all crinkled and wet but over time they will stretch and dry out

She gave Bobby a stack of post-it notes numbered 1 through 12 so he could remove one each day and know when the butterflies would hatch.  On day 5 I found them scattered about his room.

A couple of days ago we all woke up the find that the butterflies had hatched in the night. Bobby was very excited and we agreed to go tell our neighbour about it AFTER daycare.
Bobby watching the butterflies

Trying to escape?

Butterfly head-on

Painted Ladt with extended wings
She was out at the time so we left a note on her door. She came by right before Bobby’s bed time and we had even more butterfly fun! He told her their names. He named them Piper and Max. I have no idea why. She said they would be ready to let out the next day and that the flowering bush in our backyard was the perfect location. In the meantime, they were likely hungry so she placed a chunk of orange in their little home and Piper (assuming it’s the same one that was in the spot since the morning) went for a drink right away.

Learning time: A butterfly ‘eats’ using it’s proboscis which is like a long coiled straw in it’s mouth that it extends to drink nectar. Or orange juice. This video shows the drinking and then the proboscis retracting.

Butterfly Drinking OJ a video by tianadargent on Flickr.

Since I always need something with which to lure Bobby away from daycare, I told him we would do it in the evening before supper. And we took a video of it!

Butterfly release a video by tianadargent on Flickr.

If you ever get the chance to do this I suggest you do. It’s super!!

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Bobby 2 years 8 months

This post is a day late because yesterday was Family Day and we were busy doing fun stuff all day long.

We got Bobby an easel and he is very into making his art. He is very serious about it but he also dislikes getting his hands messy, which is an interesting situation when using paints.

Making a painting on my easel (got his shortly after)
The artist

The artist hard at work on his own easel

He also has been having naps at odd times on the weekends. He refuses to nap so we randomly find him asleep in places.

Sleeping with the dogs
5pm power nap

Napping on Mommy
Napping on Mommy

Car Nap
Napping in the car

Couch nap with Daddy
Couch nap

Bobby is a huge supporter of Valentine’s day. He made a v-days hat and has worn it TO DEATH. He has also been extra lovey, snuggly, kissy since v-day which is so heartmeltingly awesome.

Wearing his v-day hat while out to lunch
Out for lunch

Being a cuddly guy
We're buds

Brent has introduced Bobby to Loony Toons and they can often be found in the basement watching the DVDs and eating PLAIN air popped popcorn. Apparently you are not supposed to give popcorn to children under 4 and we just learned this yesterday and now I guess we need to only eat it when he is sleeping because letting him see it and not giving him any would be pretty mean.

Eating popcorn with dad

Bobby and Brent have also been bonding over video games lately. The play Classic NES together. Brent plays and Bobby just holds the extra controller. He likes anything Mario or Donkey Kong. At bedtime, Brent tells him the plot lines to classic games and Bobby thinks Brent is the greatest story teller of all time.

Playing NES in Mommy and Daddy’s room
My boys playing classic NES

We’ve been letting him be ‘in charge’ of more things lately. He picks out his own pjs at night. We let him choose his own clothes but we give him guidelines "it’s really cold today so you need to pick something with long sleeves" or "oh that’s a nice shirt you picked, I think these pants would look nice with it. What do you think?"  He found his old Halloween costume and decided to wear it. Since we had no place to be, we agreed.

Giraffe for a day
February Giraffe Sighting.

Being a cowboy
This is Cowboy Monster Mario

"I’m NOT Daddy! I just have on his slippers"
Trying on dad's slippers

We planted a lot of our seeds for our veggies and we got him a little seed starting kit for watermelons. He’s in charge of it and checks it every morning. He’s also in charge of pouring the water into our seed trays when needed.

Helping to get the soil ready for our seed trays
Moistening the soil

Reading the instructions on his watermelon seed starting kit (just add water).
Reading the instructions

And a few more photos without stories just for fun times.