Where do they come up with these?

Yesterday, while driving through a small town there was a sign out front of a church which read:

For all that you do

His blood’s for you

I guess they are trying to convert alcoholics.

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This is why I can’t fall asleep at my self-imposed bed time.

I don’t have much to say. Last night Brent and I got into a weird ‘discussion’ about when to have kids and I was feeling pressured (although it was definitely indirect pressure). I just hate having to justify myself and I wish we were both on the same page. Brent has finished the book and I’m almost done it but I feel like he’s staring at me while I try to read the last chapter which makes me not even want to pick up the book.

Last night I retaliated by actually staring at him while he was reading. Actually, I only thought of it as retaliation just this second while I was writing up my metaphor (simile?). So basically I was just staring at him because I found it funny, and I found it funny because earlier he had accused me of staring at him when I wasn’t even looking in his direction.

Then he touched me with his scritch-feet. We are both 12.

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blah blah yadda

I got a new hairstyle Tuesday but I neglected to take a salon-fresh photo so you’ll have to wait untill I have a successful attempt and a wash/dry.

It seems like it’s going to rain all day which puts a damper on my plans for a rib-fest lunch. Or MAYBE I’ll go anyways and avoid long line-ups? If I don’t go, I’ll have a lunch of wonderful leftove gaspacho. Brent made it yesterday and it is the yum. But it’s cold. And if it’s rainy I don’t want to eat cold things.

I have drum class right after work so I’ll have to take the bus there and then home. I’ll have to take 3 different busses to get home and I’m wary of the time that will take.

About a month ago I stepped in some dog poo and the sole of my shoe did not lend itself to being wiped off so I put my shoes in the garage and I’m wearing htem today because the poo is dried out and doesn’t smell and by the looks of things now mostly came off on my way to work.

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The best part about this vacation is that I’m not travelling and can just do whatever I want.

With this great hot weather that means yardwork in the morning (except this morning since scrubs is on and I can’t tear myself away but I’ll get to it before…) followed by SWIMMING!!!!

Freelance stuff should be done by this afternoon, I’m just waiting for the last revision (hopefully with no changes) and then interview tomorrow and then NO COMMITMENTS UNTIL MONDAY

I love it.

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Timing out life events

This morning I got up at 4 am to drop Brent off at the airport.  He’ll be gone for a few days which means that I have to get up early again tomorrow morning to drop Bernie off at the vet’s since he’s getting his nuts chopped off.  Well, he’s having one chopped off and the other one extracted. 

Then I’m taking Wednesday off work so I can keep an eye on him on his first nut-free day.  I hope to sleep in but doubt that will happen.

In all the hubub of last week, I totally skipped out on the Ladyfest meetup and now I think I won’t go to the next one because I don’t want to be perceived as the one who flakes out randomly.  It’s not until the 13th though so I might suck it up by then.  But I totally was supposed to meet the organiser 15 minutes before hand to go over studff and just didn’t show without any warning.  Me=lame.  On the plus side, I got a huge bulk of my freelance stuff done in the time I would have been in the meeting so that’s a big plus.

I’m going to attempt to send myself to Rome for fall 2008.  Brent isn’t very enthusiastic about going and I REALLY want to go so I’ll go on my own and stay with

and have fun without worrying if Brent is having fun too.

Given our current budget, I’ll have saved umm…calculator…not very much…how much are flights to Rome anyways?

I barely know where to start.

  came into town over a week ago and we spent a lot of time together. Recapping will be dificult because the only camera used is hers and my memory is getting shoddy in my old age. I hope she posts photos soon!

Some things we did:

  • Went to the pugnic in the rain. It was pretty dramatic what with the crazy leadership and the changing of the name for no good reason and the pure hate for any dog other than a pug that was seen. As usual, Tyrone stuck to begging for treas. Bernie on the other hand tore around like a fool. They both got very muddy. We left early and pocketed extra sample bags of treats.
  • Had a mini-BBQ with Kerry while the guys had band practise and then hung out with the random chilling.
  • Went shopping for a day and made plans for the next day’s BBQ. She bought me some cute undies and I bought her a #12 Fisher Sens t-shirt and stick-on tattoos. I drove around with her and she was in awe of my mad driving skills. (In truth, she kept me from panicking on the busier-than-I’m-used-to highway. THANKS!) Then I showed her my dream drums they sure are purty.
  • More chilling at my place, mostly spent watching So You Think You Can Dance and having random non-topical fun. Oh and eating a LOT
  • We went to Brent’s parents and picked a bunch of Lilly of the Valley. I almost touched a gross spider but I kept it together to save face. She got tired after 5 minutes. Rome breeds wusses! Then we ‘borrowed’ some pitchers from my mother in law with which to drink sangria.
  • We hosted a gathering for her and her husband. There were babies, poop, BBQ, smoking, drinking, strangers peeing on my fence and an impromptu sing along.
  • We went downtown to cheer like fools as our home-team (hockey) won their first game in this series.

Let me expand on this for a moment:

We had a lot of fun doing this. I might even venture to say more fun than the rest of our visit. We are decidedly NOT sports fans. We are fans of yelling and dressing up and being weird. Anyways we staked out a corner of a bar with about 10 other people, got dressed and stick-on tattooed.

Then we tried to impress our husbands with our mad skillz in hockey knowledge (I actually know the game quite well but sometimes it’s very important to pretend you don’t in order to ave fun annoying your husband)

We talked about how there are three timeages per game and how the baton is used to propell the disk into the receptacle. We also made up some great cheers:

We want a goalie not a macaroni! (a suptle way of calling the goalie a wet noodle)

We want a center not a child molester!
(this one is to keep ’em guessing)

We want a defense not a sorry pretense! (this one is to keep up morale?)

and the best one:


After the win, the streets were full of yelling and waving and people would high five anyone walking in the opposite direction. It was a blast.

{EDIT} And we saw a big grody cockroach!{/EDIT}

I would say the very best memory of this visit with

  would be when we dropped her and her husband off and she had her red pompoms and was striking cheerleading poses as we left.

Go Team T&A!

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There was a point last night where a bunch of us all sat on the floor in a circle singing songs while others played instruments.

We are hippies mayhaps?

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