Molly 9 months

When we took Bobby trick or treating we brought Molly along in Bobby’s old turtle costume. People actually gave Bobby extra candy for his sister. BABIES DON’T EAT CANDY! So I ate it.

I like turtles

Oh the teeth. Molly just erupted her third tooth with another one that looks like it it out, yet is painfully not. She’s coping with it really well. She’s been wearing an amber necklace non stop for months and I often get asked if it helps but it’s not like she starts screaming the moment I take it off so how should I know? Bobby wasn’t a bad teether so I suspect it’s genetics.

I’m so mad that this photo is blurry!
It would have been fantastic. I posted it anyway.

We started going to the playgroup I used to bring Bobby to once or twice a week. Sometimes we see Bobby there and Molly plays with him and the other daycare kids. It’s really fun and I like that she’s building relationships with these kids before actually spending all day with them. They all love her.
Hey I like this baby!

Brent has been into adult beverages with a twist of lemon. So this happened.
What's this?

Oh lemon!

Molly crawls all over the place and walks along furniture and walls. I aslo spend a lot of time facilitating this.
Walking around

She is all about the many guitars in the house. This is the only one at her height.
Playing guitar

Molly really enjoys feeding herself and bananas so this snack was a huge hit. If she sees a banana in your hand, you’d best be prepared to give it to her, if you wish to live.
Feeding herself some banana

That was yummy

Thankfully, Molly quickly got over her “nobody can even LOOK at me unless it’s Mommy” phase. She hangs out with Brent on the regular and even lets her aunt hold her. Grandad is still iffy though. Must be the beard or something but he was here for 3 or 4 days this week and he was still STRANGER DANGER.

With aunt Laura

Peek-a-boo is super fun. Molly will crouch behind furniture and pop out or she will place my hands over my eyes and pull them off. Hours of fun.

My mom bought the kids their x-mas jammies a few weeks ago and I chose a size bigger for Molly but soon realized that if we didn’t get her wearing them now, they would be completely unworn and too small by x-mas. Also, stink toes taste yummy like cheese!

Look what I can do!

ONE day, Molly slept in for an extra 30 minutes!

Sleeping in



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Molly 8 Months

Ears make everything better

The biggest news is the crawling. It’s not scooting or army crawling. It’s really full blown crawling! In addition to this, she pulls herself up onto things and walks along them and will walk when holding someone’s hands. She once stood on her own for a full 10 seconds before crash landing.

Who me?

When she gets really excited she pants.

Helping with the housework

Has 2 bottom teeth and isn’t afraid to use them. She has bitten me while nursing a few times and my reaction was not positive. I’m pretty sure once day I scared her into not nursing for nearly 12 hours. I had to pump to feed her milk.

You name it, she eats it. Especially fruit.

This year was Molly’s first trip to the pumpkin patch. Bobby, an old hand at this sort of thing, was showing her the ropes. Basically, you lift every pumpkin and deem it too big until Grandma finds a cart, then you choose a big one.

First trip to the pumpkn patch.

Kissing on the wagon

Before Molly could sit up, she grew too large to be manageable in the sink. Now that she can sit, it’s a perfect way to bathe her since it uses less water than the tub and she’s very secure. The only problem is that she can reach too much stuff, like the tap and the espresso machine.

Still fits!

Apres Bain

Molly is enjoying the park much more than Bobby did at this age. She will tolerate the swing whereas he cried in them.

Swinging is serious business

Eating sand at the park

She is beginning to be interested in the dogs. Tyrone loves it when she plays with his collar.
I like your necklace...

Afternoon Nap

These last two videos are a good reflection of how we spend our time.

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Molly 7 Months

Happy Laundry Day

The big news this month is that Molly has been eating food. She is a GOOD eater, you can tell by her thighs. Bobby always likes food but didn’t eat quite so much of it. Molly’s first food was peaches (as they were perfectly in season at the time) and she ate an entire one the first time. Since then she has had:

  • yellow and green zucchini
  • sweet potato
  • pear
  • apple
  • black beans
  • oats
  • red rice
  • arrowroot cookie
  • banana
  • broccoli

First meal - peaches


There's no more food?

She has refused nothing and we are often astounded as to how much she’ll eat in a sitting.


Just awoke from nap

Molly has been to the park lots of times but she’s just started to play on the equipment and in the sand.

On the slide.

Serious Baby is Serious


She’s also started going to Baby Time at the library and to the playgroup I used to bring Bobby to all the time.

In the 360

She spends more time sitting up unaided and playing with toys. Lately she’s been getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth but has yet to (successfully) propel herself forward. When sitting though she’ll end up a few feet over from where she started within minutes just for her constant wiggling to get toys.

See my vest?

Lip suck


Also, mirrors are awesome. If she is in any way upset just get her in front of one and she’s all about GETTING THAT DANGED BABY.
Um... who's that?

I’m starting to get the hang of caring for curly hair. It’s a lot of work!

Post-bath curls

An ode the Bobby:
She now has differentiated vocalizations. Her top sounds are: adadadadada, bobobobobobob and maaaaamaaaaamaaaa forlowwed closely by yyrrrriiiiii!!! when REALLY ANGRY. But she also does this soundless guppy face.

On this day:
In 2007 – ” Oblio was the central character.”
In 2006 – “wrap each end around the back and to the front again”

Molly 6 months

What a muffin!

So I am now halfway through this maternity leave thing. Molly sure is growing up!

She now sits up and plays with some toys, however, she’s wobbly so she sometimes crashes. The fun thing is she doesn’t mind!

She’s also super into the jolly jumper. Her best jumps are when I aren’t looking. If she thinks I can’t see then she goes bananas on the thing.

She’s also getting good at anticipating outcomes. She knows where to look if someone is playing peekaboo with her behind an object and she knows what sounds to make to get picked up 😉

She still eats her toes.
Toes - It's what's for dinner

She sleeps all scrunched up in one end of her crib. I still have it at the bassinet setting so this scrunching is convenient.
All scrunched up

Since I’m never ever going to cut her hair (ok maybe SOMEDAY), HAIRCLIPS ARE A MUST. Also a must? Making an old man face.
Old Man Face

Bobby got this spinny glow ball toy from my mom. (My mom brought Molly a toy from a Kinder Surprise… no comment) and Molly LOVES it. Whenever Bobby turns it on her whole body is electrified and she lurches towards it. Here she has it at last and can see into all of our souls.
I can see the future!

I LOVE this shot.
Love this. It reminds me od a Bobby pic from the same age.

It reminds me of this one of Bobby at the same age.
Bobby Blue Eyes

I had this and loved it as a kid so I HAD to get it for Molly when I saw it at the consignment store.
Classic Tupperware Shape Sorter

These jammies are so cute. Normally, I only use footed jammies and would use something like this as playclothes but it clearly says Tweet Dreams so there’s not much getting around it.
My favorite PJs right now

Also, her air goes crazy curly sometimes.

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Molly: 5 months


If you look back to the post about Bobby, Molly was there for everything. If she was participating or caring about it is to be debated.

There have been a lot of changes for her to deal with, Bobby being home from daycare being the most significant. How can she be expected to nap when there’s someone else around entertaining her all day? And traveling, although fun, is also exhausting.

Snuggles with Siblings

Unlike Bobby who clung to me for dear life as a Baby, Molly loves swimming. We’ve been in several times and although we have a thing for her to float in, she prefers being held so more of her body is immersed and she can splash around. It really tires her out.

After-swim nap

I love these shorts. There is no other story behind this photo.

I love these shorts!

Molly’s hair changes so much throughout the day. Tight curls, super straight, Kramer… we see it all.


She’s finally learned to roll over and it be a happy thing instead of a cause for a major freakout. Just today she started rolling back again as well however that part usually involves smacking her head on the floor.

First Happy Rollover

As always, her favorite person in the whole world is Bobby and most times they are together, this is what is happening:

Molly laughing at Bobby a video by tianadargent on Flickr.

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Molly: 4 months

I can CLIMB!

It started out well. Molly had discovered her thumb which made the task of walking her to sleep much shorter as soon as she got her thumb in her mouth her eyes would close and I could sit while she soothed herself to sleep.


Then one evening she just wouldn’t rest. She just kept stirring and wouldn’t close her eyes. It was then I remembered I still had the soothers that Bobby had so thoroughly rejected.

I popped one in her mouth, put her in her crib and went to pee. When I got back something like 30 seconds later she was sound asleep. SOUND ASLEEP IN HER CRIB AND NOT IN MY ARMS. I decided not to abuse this new-found power and to only use it for long naps and bed time and it worked well. But now… now… Now she just doesn’t want to do anything on her own (sleeping, being awake, no difference). So here you have…


using the toilet
helping your toddler use the toilet
steaming the milk for my latte
BBQing (not really, but I could and likely would had I a BBQ)

And although I COULD BBQ while holding Molly, I don’t particularly WANT to. Which is why I love this thing.

Can I ride him?

And also this baby jail that she likes for a few minutes until she drops a toy and gets upset that she can’t roll over and retrieve it.

Snuggling Sophie

Another way to keep her happy is to strip her bare. Here she is in her little rocking chair in the washroom. It’s nice and toasty because I was in the shower heating the room up. It’s a win-win.

This is my foot!

It’s also helpful when other people hold her, something Bobby rarely ‘allowed’.

Chilling with my pops.

Bobby was wearing this shirt when he was EIGHT MONTHS OLD. It’s shocking.

See ya next month!

That's so sad...

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Molly: 3 Months

Muscle shirt

The new baby smell hasn’t worn off yet! It’s WAY better than new car smell that’s for sure.
Pretending to sit

This past month, Molly has started to respond to people and things much more. She smiles and laughs and in the past few days has really discovered her hands and feet. She tries to grab things that are right in front of her face, she sucks her thumb (sometimes putting herself to sleep SCORE!) and tries to eat anything you put in her hand.
Power to the babies!
Play time

She absolutely adores her big brother. She’s so happy to see him in the morning or when he gets home from daycare. He always knows what she needs, milk, a song, a hug… They must have a secret language.
Sibling love

Just like her big brother, Molly’s first organized social activity was baby time at the library and also just like her brother, she slept through the majority of it. Now that the library program has ended, we’ve started mom and baby yoga. She really enjoyed the 5 minutes of it she spent awake.

Thoughtful sleep

Another big hit is bath time. Molly really enjoys soaking the shit out of me by kicking and splashing with her legs. It’s a super fun time. I really should remember to wear a smock or something for bath time.

And what better for apres bath than another beautiful quilt from Mintyfresh?

Quilt by mintyfresh
Quilt by mintyfresh

Quilt by mintyfresh
Quilt by mintyfresh

Orange Ruffles
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