My favorite spot

My house is slowly but surely getting ‘done’. The area that I’ve put the most thought into has been the main floor that has the kitchen /dining / sitting area. I spend the most awake time there and it’s the area guests see the most.

The kitchen is open to the entire space so my work there is to just keep it as clean as possible, which can be a challenge. It has this big piece of counter with no overheads that divides it from the rest of the space and I tend to use it as a drop-off zone for all kinds of stuff.

The dining area is simple. Big teak table, simple pendant fixture and this wonderful shot Jeff took of me (with peas up my nose) for one of his projects.

I had set up a craft corner for the kids. I need to re-work this because it is a hideous mess. I want it to be accessible to them but also easy to tidy.

But this part, it is my favorite. I love the look of it, day and night. I like to sit in a side chair to read. I like to have friends over and play a board game at the coffee table. If I ever get the internet I’d like to sit by the window internetting.

It is the most ‘me’ spot in the house.

I think once I work on my bedroom and basement a bit more, they could be contenders. In reality, I want every space that isn’t dedicated to my kids to be super awesome and make me want to spend lots of time there.

What makes your favorite space in your home?

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Molly 9 months

When we took Bobby trick or treating we brought Molly along in Bobby’s old turtle costume. People actually gave Bobby extra candy for his sister. BABIES DON’T EAT CANDY! So I ate it.

I like turtles

Oh the teeth. Molly just erupted her third tooth with another one that looks like it it out, yet is painfully not. She’s coping with it really well. She’s been wearing an amber necklace non stop for months and I often get asked if it helps but it’s not like she starts screaming the moment I take it off so how should I know? Bobby wasn’t a bad teether so I suspect it’s genetics.

I’m so mad that this photo is blurry!
It would have been fantastic. I posted it anyway.

We started going to the playgroup I used to bring Bobby to once or twice a week. Sometimes we see Bobby there and Molly plays with him and the other daycare kids. It’s really fun and I like that she’s building relationships with these kids before actually spending all day with them. They all love her.
Hey I like this baby!

Brent has been into adult beverages with a twist of lemon. So this happened.
What's this?

Oh lemon!

Molly crawls all over the place and walks along furniture and walls. I aslo spend a lot of time facilitating this.
Walking around

She is all about the many guitars in the house. This is the only one at her height.
Playing guitar

Molly really enjoys feeding herself and bananas so this snack was a huge hit. If she sees a banana in your hand, you’d best be prepared to give it to her, if you wish to live.
Feeding herself some banana

That was yummy

Thankfully, Molly quickly got over her “nobody can even LOOK at me unless it’s Mommy” phase. She hangs out with Brent on the regular and even lets her aunt hold her. Grandad is still iffy though. Must be the beard or something but he was here for 3 or 4 days this week and he was still STRANGER DANGER.

With aunt Laura

Peek-a-boo is super fun. Molly will crouch behind furniture and pop out or she will place my hands over my eyes and pull them off. Hours of fun.

My mom bought the kids their x-mas jammies a few weeks ago and I chose a size bigger for Molly but soon realized that if we didn’t get her wearing them now, they would be completely unworn and too small by x-mas. Also, stink toes taste yummy like cheese!

Look what I can do!

ONE day, Molly slept in for an extra 30 minutes!

Sleeping in



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Bobby 3.5

Choosing a pumpkin.

My pumpkin after falling down and smashing it's skull open.

Holloween was a success! Bobby was dress as a lion and roared at everyone who opened their door to him. We made down one side of our street, so about 15-20 houses before he had to go home to use the bathroom. After that, he enjoyed handing out the candy.

Lion vs Turtle

Bobby’s pretending has gotten to the level of… untruths, for the sake of a good story. This usually involves being the victim of some brutality at the hands of one of his friends. We have ways of knowing when he’s not telling the truth. Ways that we may still employ if he ever reads this so I’m not listing them here.

Making a Duplo Giant

Above is the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. The shirt is original 80’s and says “Anthony” on the back. He loves it.

We’ve started having fires in the evenings and Bobby uses his ‘big strong muscles’ to carry the log 3 feet over to the fire place. He’s very valuable to us because we are very lazy.
Also you know what he loves? Popcorn. And if you shake chemically created pickle flavour all over it? HOLY SMOKES!

Bobby is super into Brent right now. Only Brent is allowed to do bedtime. If I walk into the room he goes “Get out! Get out!”If Brent goes out to run an errand without running it by Bobby, the whole time he is gone Bobby wails “I WANT MY DADDY!!!!” through tears. It’s so awesome for me. I mean, the tables used to be turned when he was a baby and little toddler so it’s nice that things are evening out.

Taking a walk in Dad's shoes
Wearing Brent’s shoes

My guys - 6:30 pm
Bobby was playing in another room and just walked up to Brent on the couch and lay next to him. Within 10 minutes they were both asleep. It was 6:30 pm.

A cousin had her borthday party at a huge indoor playground. We had never been before and I was afraid because I heard it was insane. It IS insane but it was also a blast. We are going back for another birthday party this weekend and Bobby will Lose His Mind.

At the indoor playground aka kid crack


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Molly 8 Months

Ears make everything better

The biggest news is the crawling. It’s not scooting or army crawling. It’s really full blown crawling! In addition to this, she pulls herself up onto things and walks along them and will walk when holding someone’s hands. She once stood on her own for a full 10 seconds before crash landing.

Who me?

When she gets really excited she pants.

Helping with the housework

Has 2 bottom teeth and isn’t afraid to use them. She has bitten me while nursing a few times and my reaction was not positive. I’m pretty sure once day I scared her into not nursing for nearly 12 hours. I had to pump to feed her milk.

You name it, she eats it. Especially fruit.

This year was Molly’s first trip to the pumpkin patch. Bobby, an old hand at this sort of thing, was showing her the ropes. Basically, you lift every pumpkin and deem it too big until Grandma finds a cart, then you choose a big one.

First trip to the pumpkn patch.

Kissing on the wagon

Before Molly could sit up, she grew too large to be manageable in the sink. Now that she can sit, it’s a perfect way to bathe her since it uses less water than the tub and she’s very secure. The only problem is that she can reach too much stuff, like the tap and the espresso machine.

Still fits!

Apres Bain

Molly is enjoying the park much more than Bobby did at this age. She will tolerate the swing whereas he cried in them.

Swinging is serious business

Eating sand at the park

She is beginning to be interested in the dogs. Tyrone loves it when she plays with his collar.
I like your necklace...

Afternoon Nap

These last two videos are a good reflection of how we spend our time.

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Bobby 3.4

Bobby went to a Paris Fashion birthday party and received a clip on bow-tie and now he insists on wearing it anytime he’s wearing a collared shirt. I need to find some in a few different colours so he can coordinate better.


We recently rediscovered that Bobby can make shapes with his tongue. Here he is showing some off!

And for my next trick!

Bobby likes to dress himself. He also likes to be silly.

Getting dressed

He is getting SO STOKED for Halloween. We have his Trick or Treating costume picked out. It’s very warm. He’s still trying to decide which of his costumes he’s going to wear at daycare. It needs to be cool enough to wear indoors most of the day. There are many options. This is not one of them.

Complete with fake muscles

I don’t even know


My sister came to stay with us over Thanksgiving weekend. Bobby adores her. Probably because she does practically anything he asks. Doesn’t any Aunt?

Nothing beats an Aunt for a lift home

He looks so grown up in this photo even though he’s in the middle of running around crunching leaves.

Crunching the leaves

Also in case you were wondering. This is what happens at the park.

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Molly 7 Months

Happy Laundry Day

The big news this month is that Molly has been eating food. She is a GOOD eater, you can tell by her thighs. Bobby always likes food but didn’t eat quite so much of it. Molly’s first food was peaches (as they were perfectly in season at the time) and she ate an entire one the first time. Since then she has had:

  • yellow and green zucchini
  • sweet potato
  • pear
  • apple
  • black beans
  • oats
  • red rice
  • arrowroot cookie
  • banana
  • broccoli

First meal - peaches


There's no more food?

She has refused nothing and we are often astounded as to how much she’ll eat in a sitting.


Just awoke from nap

Molly has been to the park lots of times but she’s just started to play on the equipment and in the sand.

On the slide.

Serious Baby is Serious


She’s also started going to Baby Time at the library and to the playgroup I used to bring Bobby to all the time.

In the 360

She spends more time sitting up unaided and playing with toys. Lately she’s been getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth but has yet to (successfully) propel herself forward. When sitting though she’ll end up a few feet over from where she started within minutes just for her constant wiggling to get toys.

See my vest?

Lip suck


Also, mirrors are awesome. If she is in any way upset just get her in front of one and she’s all about GETTING THAT DANGED BABY.
Um... who's that?

I’m starting to get the hang of caring for curly hair. It’s a lot of work!

Post-bath curls

An ode the Bobby:
She now has differentiated vocalizations. Her top sounds are: adadadadada, bobobobobobob and maaaaamaaaaamaaaa forlowwed closely by yyrrrriiiiii!!! when REALLY ANGRY. But she also does this soundless guppy face.

On this day:
In 2007 – ” Oblio was the central character.”
In 2006 – “wrap each end around the back and to the front again”

Bobby 3.3

Mean Goalie

Bobby is out of the summer thing and into the fall thing this month. He’s noticed that some leaves are changing colours. To him this means “the trees are turning into Naple Trees and fall is coming”. There is no correcting him.

He is now diaper free! Well mostly. He wears pull-ups to bed, just in case. When he makes a poo he tells one of us to come see but before standing up to show it off he says “There’s something… What could it be? You have to be happy and proud. And DON’T tell SECRETS!” Then he stands and you look in a quietly congratulate him so no one else can hear, and then he screams to the other parent “Hey Mommy/Daddy! I made a big stinky poo!!!” We are all thrilled.

Lately castles and castle themed (horses, dragons, royalty) play has been a big hit. I think seeing this set-up at Mrs. Tiggy Winkles didn’t hurt.


Dancing Dragon

Bobby has been getting more interested in his appearance. Sometimes he wants his hair gelled, other times he wants it smooth. There are a couple of outfits that he knows for certain match really well so he likes to choose those first. He always has the option of dressing himself but will often ask either Brent or I to do it in the morning if he is ‘too busy’.

Hair gel

He is also taking on more responsibilities. It’s ‘generally’ his job to feed the dogs and he likes to do it. He also enjoys helping to change over the laundry and to put his clean and folded clothes into the appropriate drawers. On Sundays we have cleaning day and if he’s an enthusiastic helper, he gets an ‘allowance’ which consists of any change we can scrounge up. He saves the pennies aside for throwing into the water fountain at the mall.

He thinks he’s an ok climber, but not a very good one. I tell him otherwise but I think he’s dreaming of reaching the top and not just the lower branches.

A good climber

Two of his cousins have moved back into town. I was watching one who had no childcare for the day so I kept Bobby home as well. They had a super fun time together. We spent most of the day at the park. The two cousins also spent the entire weekend here recently and even though there were some hard times and overload, Bobby had a blast.

Superheo and SIdekick having a snack

Bobby graduated from his level of gymnastics and next time we sign him up he can go without a parent! He is taking a gymnastics break and giving soccer another try right now though.

Kicking out his legs


In addition to harvesting the watermelon he started growing last February (too early, it was white inside), Bobby came apple picking with us. He really enjoyed it and could have stayed much longer but we felt that 25 lbs of apples is enough.

Home Grown

Apple Picking

He’s still totally in love with Molly although now that she’s getting a little grabby we’re hearing a lot of “No Molly! Don’t do that!” but it’s fine once we remind him that she’s just learning how to be a social person. Whenever she’s cranky he does whatever he can to make her laugh. He’s even tried to help her fall asleep once or twice. Points for effort if not for success!

Playing in the garage


Video games have become a new awesome thing. Specifically playing Lego Star Wars with Brent. Basically Brent plays and Bobby holds the extra, not plugged in, controller and thinks he’s doing everything. He gets very excited.

Bobby has always said “be next” instead of “right next” and we just realized that we didn’t have a video of it, so the other night I got my camera set up and we got the conditions to be just right to catch it.

At Playgroup


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