This is me being a know it all parent.

So many people say the effort people put in to events/activities etc for their kids isn’t worth it because when they are super young they won’t remember it anyway. I guess they’ll turn out just the same if we lock them in a closet for the first few years… They won’t remember it anyway! What difference could it possibly make?

Heck, I don’t remember every single thing I did yesterday. I guess I shouldn’t have bothered living my life since I don’t have a vivid memory of every single detail.

But seriously. The work parents put into events, and their parenting in general is really important even if it doesn’t leave a Kodak memory album in the kid’s mind. It creates an emotional foundation and bond. THAT’S why it’s so important, even if they don’t remember every (or any) detail.

On this day:
In 2009 – “The Lord has healed me!!!”
In 2006 – “Brent’s out buying smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors.”
In 2005 – “I’m excited because I’ve never had a chili dog before…”


I want it all

I’m not sure I want to go back to work. I’m liking this whole stay at hone mom thing this time around however I have the following concerns;

I don’t want to be financially dependent on Brent. I know this is a personal issue I have but I don’t ever want to feel like I need to rely on someone to have a roof over my head and food in my belly. I know that the work of raising children is an important job but I don’t trust Brent to view my unpaid work as equivalent in value to his work. This causes me to anticipate a lot of ‘well I make the money so I have certain expectations and make decisions’ kind of nonsense that I don’t even want to et into.

I don’t want to not work. This is tied to the item above but also, I like working. I like being productive in ways other than churning out awesome people from my crotch. However, were I to stay home, it would be unlikely that I could work for the next 4 years and then where does that leave me? Where would I work? How far behind ‘everyone else’ would I be?

I want to raise my kids and make preserves and start a community association and make art and work on projects and somehow make money in a way where I have time for all those things.

On this day:

In 2010 – ” What tragic circumstance is this?”
In 2007 – “super-hero neon pee”
In 2006 – “They pretty much cut open his entire stomach area”
In 2005 – “You can pick and choose sizes”

The Incident With the Bug

I don’t ever remember having taken a bath with one of my parents so I can only assume my father was nonchalantly taking a bath when I came into the room. Although I remember my mother being right behind me. Maybe she thought it would be funny, or maybe she was trying to stop me but didn’t make it in time. Maybe I was supposed to be taking my first bath with my father at age 5? Regardless, it was terrifying.

As far as I recall, I had never before seen a penis although I knew they were part of the difference between boys and girls.

There is was, just kind of… bobbing around… in the water…  I remember being taken aback and asking what it was. My mother said “It’s just his bug.”

Oh how INFINITELY worse that made it! Didn’t she know that BUGS were the worst thing in the world? AND THERE WAS ONE ATTACHED TO MY FATHER’S CROTCH!!! I’m sure this was the beginning of the end of idealizing my father.

When did you start to realize your parent’s weren’t perfect/infallible/made of rainbows?

On this day:

In 2010 – “You can’t make EVERYTHING from scratch can you?”
In 2009 – “Anyways that’s my story now you tell me, did he cat-nap her?”
In 2005 – “Even after the 4th time, it drives me insane!”

Bobby truly is a pirate!

And I wrote all about it over at Kids in the Capital. Go see him be a Scallawag.

On this day:

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In 2009 –
In 2008 – I’ve fallen off the Visual Bookshelf wagon
In 2007 – OMG this makes me miss living in a decent neighbourhood
In 2006 – The first time I stopped eating meat and likely the best recap of a hockey game you will ever see!!!
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1- I think breast is best
2-If you don’t that’s none of my concern
3-If my baby/infant is hungry and I’m breastfeeding, that’s ALSO none of your concern.

Anyshizzle, there is a lovely video made by PhDinParenting all about how much a woman should cover up while nursing in public. It is pretty much exactly how I feel about the subject.  Watch it and let me know what you think!

There are also some really great comments over at the original post which go over ideas like whether or not the fact that women choosing to only breastfeed in private hampers the acceptance of women nursing in public (answer: not really).

Bobby 2 years 8 months

This post is a day late because yesterday was Family Day and we were busy doing fun stuff all day long.

We got Bobby an easel and he is very into making his art. He is very serious about it but he also dislikes getting his hands messy, which is an interesting situation when using paints.

Making a painting on my easel (got his shortly after)
The artist

The artist hard at work on his own easel

He also has been having naps at odd times on the weekends. He refuses to nap so we randomly find him asleep in places.

Sleeping with the dogs
5pm power nap

Napping on Mommy
Napping on Mommy

Car Nap
Napping in the car

Couch nap with Daddy
Couch nap

Bobby is a huge supporter of Valentine’s day. He made a v-days hat and has worn it TO DEATH. He has also been extra lovey, snuggly, kissy since v-day which is so heartmeltingly awesome.

Wearing his v-day hat while out to lunch
Out for lunch

Being a cuddly guy
We're buds

Brent has introduced Bobby to Loony Toons and they can often be found in the basement watching the DVDs and eating PLAIN air popped popcorn. Apparently you are not supposed to give popcorn to children under 4 and we just learned this yesterday and now I guess we need to only eat it when he is sleeping because letting him see it and not giving him any would be pretty mean.

Eating popcorn with dad

Bobby and Brent have also been bonding over video games lately. The play Classic NES together. Brent plays and Bobby just holds the extra controller. He likes anything Mario or Donkey Kong. At bedtime, Brent tells him the plot lines to classic games and Bobby thinks Brent is the greatest story teller of all time.

Playing NES in Mommy and Daddy’s room
My boys playing classic NES

We’ve been letting him be ‘in charge’ of more things lately. He picks out his own pjs at night. We let him choose his own clothes but we give him guidelines "it’s really cold today so you need to pick something with long sleeves" or "oh that’s a nice shirt you picked, I think these pants would look nice with it. What do you think?"  He found his old Halloween costume and decided to wear it. Since we had no place to be, we agreed.

Giraffe for a day
February Giraffe Sighting.

Being a cowboy
This is Cowboy Monster Mario

"I’m NOT Daddy! I just have on his slippers"
Trying on dad's slippers

We planted a lot of our seeds for our veggies and we got him a little seed starting kit for watermelons. He’s in charge of it and checks it every morning. He’s also in charge of pouring the water into our seed trays when needed.

Helping to get the soil ready for our seed trays
Moistening the soil

Reading the instructions on his watermelon seed starting kit (just add water).
Reading the instructions

And a few more photos without stories just for fun times.