Molly owes her life to Betty

I only wanted a second child once I saw how utterly adorable Betty was. The only condition was that child must be a girl, so things really worked out for Molly.

Today Betty came over to visit after having harvested her community garden. She came in the door, ran up to me and pressed a slightly saggy yellow flower into my hand. As I was saying ‘Thank you’ she ran to hide behind her mama.

I can’t tell Bobby she was by today while he was out or else he will wail ‘NOT FAIR!’

We are all big fans of Betty.

A gift from Betty

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Good People

I went to college for 3 years ending in Spring 2004. The program started with about 80 students and ended with about 30. It was divided into two classes.

In that program was a woman with whom I’m pretty sure I had no classes so I really barely knew her. She moved on part way through the program and other than running in to her at the mall one time, I hadn’t heard from her. We reconnected over facebook sometime around when Bobby was born?… I think…

She and I had our first kids around the same time and also our seconds! Their family was invited to Bobby’s last b-day but since there were so many people and they weren’t able to stay very long, we didn’t get to talk much but as in school, she was super sweet and her husband seemed like a stellar guy. Well today I took the kids over to their place ( Brent had band stuff) for a birthday party and let me tell you;

These are good people. I mean, ok I know we were only over there for a few hours so it’s an impression but I’m running with it. They are so positive in their attitudes and words. Their home seems full of love and creativity. They are the kind of people who inspire you to be kind and open and productive. I’m glad we went.

Bobby ate a mountain of candy and went insane but I’m glad we went.

On this day:

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I have nothing to write about and then BAM a bunch of stuff!

On Meat

When I got pregnant with Molly I started eating meat again just because I really really wanted to. At first it was a more acute interest int he holiday birds, then it was bacon and recently I’ve added in limited quantities of beef. The idea of putting dead animal parts in my mouth no longer repulses me enough to keep me from doing it. I really don’t understand how this happened but I do find myself craving meat lately so… *shrug*
I still have no interest in seafood

On Friendships

This weekend I traveled to attend the wedding of my oldest friend, with whom I have had a strange ‘estrangement’ over the past few years. During the ceremony, I was overcome with sadness from missing this person from my life. I took part in communion and felt a surge that convinced me that I would do whatever was needed to heal this friendship by the end of the day.   The opportunity presented itself later on in the evening and I’m very excited and I’m very happy that my friendship with this person was hovering between Pause and Slow Motion instead of being totally scrapped and we can just continue on from here. Both of us a little wiser and with more empathy and caring.

On Dogs

While away this weekend we stayed with my sister in law who has a very cute Shitsu Yorkie mix which ALMOST has me convinced that I like dogs more than I’ve previously admitted. This little dog has the no-shed advantage over our dogs.  Sadly, this morning we discovered that Tyrone has some sort of injury or something.  He yelps if touched between his shoulders and will not go down stairs if there are more than 2.  He will go up them but only very slowly. We’ll give it a day or so to see if he improves and if not, off to the vet we go.

On Weight

I have 13 lbs to lose to get to my pre-baby weight.  This weight in not some kind of unrealistic fantasy, it is the weight that I most consistently have been since I’ve reached this height. It is right in the middle of the healthy weight chart for my height and bone structure. It’s the weight where all my clothes fit me.  I know the kind of diet I need to maintain in order to achieve this weight quickly and healthily, but I’m not motivated to do it since I’m still losing weight (albeit slowly) with this terrible diet I’ve been maintaining due to all the breastfeeding I’ve been doing.

On Breastmilk

I have a ton, as I did with Bobby. Although this time, I’ve actually found a donor for my surplus! I’m very happy to be able to help a family out with what would likely have been wasted.

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My tin of Rosebud Salve

Rosebud Salve

It’s basically scented vaseline.  I’ve had this very tin since either 2002 or 2003. I Remember exactly when I bought it.

I was visiting Sarah in Toronto and we went shopping at Urban Outfitters.  I had hair long enough for a ponytail and  I would pin up the front section. It was dyed more red than it is now.  I bought an orange whirth with an asymmetrical neckline. It also featured a large black crow. I also bought a teal crewneck tee which I still have today. I chose my first pair of Tigers which matched both shirts.  I saw the tin as we were browsing the knick knack/pos area and grabbed it because I had seen it in magazines and Sarah told me it was good stuff. You can see me wearing them after getting back to Sarah’s place in the image below.


Hmm I still have that coat! I love that thing. It needs a new zipper.

When I got tot he cash, they forgot to charge me for the shoes ($80 pre-tax) so while Sarah was flirting with a man-worker there about a heart pillow I rushed to her and told her we had to leave right away. We rushed off into the Eaton Center to make sure no one followed us to make me pay for the sneakers they just gave me.

Since then I have moved 3 times. I have misplaced and forgotten about that tin and delightfully found it again many times. It’s still good! You would think it would be gunky by now but it’s not. And you know what? It is THE BEST THING for my lips that I have EVER USED.  I love how beat up it looks and how it just follows me around everywhere. I love that I explicitly remember the day I bought it.

Currently it’s sitting on my bedside table 1/2 full and saving me for the winter chappies.

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There are a few people that I’ve developed what I think are fairly quality friendships with online. There’s a select bunch that I often think I would have become instant best friends with had I met them in real life. Some of these people even live in the same town as me.

I’m kind of scared to actually meet them.

What if it’s super awkward? Am I supposed to act like I know all the things I know about this person or do I need to let that develop at it’s own pace? What if I misjudged this connection and we really don’t get along at all? Do I want to risk a good online bond?

What is your experience with this?

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My New Haircut

I am on vacation!  3 weeks off and I’m already beat.  Today naughty_bride came berry picking with Bobby and I and she helped us make raspberry, cherry, apple pies.  It is now cooling and I’m excited to eat it up!

Here is my new haircut. The tracks have since grown out.

New hair cut front

New hair cut - back

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Good enough to share

In an email exchange with naughty_bride …

Me: I never saw the first movie (Sex in the City)… am I a total failure?

Her: How could you not have seen it!

Me: You were in Italy, no one else would make me!
You know I only watch boring documentaries!!!
Or movies with Marky Mark.

It’s very true.

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