Bobby truly is a pirate!

And I wrote all about it over at Kids in the Capital. Go see him be a Scallawag.

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Coupons for you!

So I just found out that as a paid LiveJournal member, I have 10 coupons that I can send out to free account holders. These coupons are for $10 off a paid account (for one year). If you have a free account and you want one, let me know!

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This is just some random mind poop

 So my best friend is moving back to town/the country this month.  It’s blowing my fucking mind.  I’m so used to seeing her for a week here or there in a year and communicating via blogging and email and somewhat over the phone.  I can’t imagine what it will be like for he to actually be here.  Maybe we’ll just email each other for the first month to ease into it…


Work has been ok so far.  I feel fine about being there but the second I walk out the door to go home I’m all "GET OUT OF MY WAY I HAVE A BABY TO PICK UP" and I will the bus driver to speed the whole way home and ignore red lights. SO GOOD that I don’t drive to work!


Ok so here’s a funny story.  I have these gorgeous cut glass double flared plugs and I put them in… I dunno, over a month ago anyways.  They were a little hard to get in but my ears are stretchy so with a little lube I got them in.  Then when I tried to take them out I couldn’t!  My ears had lost their stretch and the flares were just that touch too big.  So I just left them in.  Luckily they go with every outfit. I could move them around enough to keep everything clean so that wasn’t an issue but yesterday I had visions of wanting to take them out and having to have my lobes cut.  So I decided to just slowly work them out over the whole evening and all of today and first thing this morning they popped out.

I have vowed never to put them in again.

You know what? That story isn’t very interesting.  

I actually have a few excellent post ideas right now but I do not have the energy to dedicate to them that they require to be truly excellent.  But I will post the topics:

-the time my ex-boyfriend kidnapped my cat Percy and tried to blame Brent for her disappearance
-when my mom signed me up for acting lessons 
-when my mom signed me up for skating lessons
-when I really liked this guy but told his friends I didn’t and he never called me again

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Dear Ottawa Bloggers

Have fun at your breakfast!  I wish I could make it but I am many hours away.  Just pretend I’m there ok?

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This post is all over the place

Somehow I had convinced my mom that she needed to buy me some nursing tops. We were to meet up at the mall sometime in the week to do that and when I woke up in the morning with such engorged tatas that I just couldn’t stand it, I decided that Tuesday would be the day. I used some gift certificates to buy myself the cheapest pump I could find at the store (note: not so cheap really). Bobby was being pretty good but my mom insisted on taking him out of the stroller which meant I couldn’t get him back in the stroller so one of us would have to carry him around until he fell asleep.

We headed over to the mama store so I could get some tops and I tried on 4. I liked three but my mom would only pay for two which I can’t complain about, since I have no income. When we got to the cash a woman came up and said “Tiana?” and as I looked at her I thought that I should know who she was… she seemed so familiar! Then she said something like “I recognized you from your blog, I’m Lana” and it all clicked and were both quite awkward. She was buying some maternity pants and I hope that worked out for her. I have 3 pairs and only ever wore one of them, my fancy pants H&M Rome ones…

In other news, I’ve gone suburban and have started attending Strollercise. It runs twice a week and I promised myself I’d go if it wasn’t raining and I didn’t have any appointments. So far I’ve been three times and I like it. I walk but there is the option of doing intervals or a straight run, neither of which I am ready for (physically, or fashion-wise). The walking route is 5km and the running route is a little longer so we all finish at about the same time for a light workout.

I’ve also starting seeing my brother in law’s wife (to distinguish her from my other sister in law) more often as she just moved a few blocks away. That won’t last long though because my brother in law just got a new job out of town and they are in the process of buying a new house. Other than that I plan on visiting a few other peeps in the near future however they are considerably farther away and with the price of gas *even with a hybrid* and me not pulling in any decent money, we are trying to keep driving to a minimum.

 So I’m getting a handle on this whole ‘being a mom’ thing. For me, it means getting out of the house at least once a day, no matter what it is. If I don’t have anything specific to do, I strap the baby to me and go for a walk. It’s definitely getting easier. I can now manage showering regularly and feeding myself for the most part. Great meals for dinner are still a little touch and go so I try not to plan anything that will take very long to make as Bobby is sure to get fussy at a critical moment. I basically just go with the flow of his moods and let the day unfold from there. There is very little structure for now other than our strollercise outings and bed time which happens at around 9:30 pm and kicks of with a splish-splash in the tub.

AND My skin is so itchy all over! I don’t know why. I’ve been moisturizing and I don’t have a rash or anything. Weird. I also decided that I’m basically straight edge as I’ve had no tobacco, alcohol, drugs (other than Tylenol) or caffeine since last November. ROXOR

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Time for Kitty!

I decided to wave at the Local Boggers’ Kitty Blogging Bandwagon as it drives off. (examples: ONE TWO THREE… trust me, there are more)

Percy Face

This is my cat Pericble aka Percy. Shortly after my father’s death, The Ex and I went to stay with his aunt’s family (who happened to live a few block away from where I spent my 4 through 14 years in Richmond Hill) for the ‘funeral’.

Aside: The funeral consisted of about 5 people driving to Tobermory to throw the ashes in some water on a gusty day in early December 1999. I’m pretty sure I inhaled some and not in a cool Mr. Jagger kind of way. It for sure got in my hair though.

Anyways, The Ex’s aunt had let a stray kitten in and her husband found her annoying because she was so cuddly and meowy and fluffy I suppose. I expressed an interest in taking her off his hands but couldn’t at the time as we had taken VIA into town and they don’t allow cute cats.

SOOO anyways, his aunt owns a plane so Percy got flown in to me! How fun! Now she’s all mine!

Me and Percy

Blah blah blah this is the end of Kitty Blogging.

Here are photos of me!

Here’s me with my hair flipped out.

Flippy Hair

Here’s me in another maternity outfit. The top is from Zara where they tricked me into buying regular tops. This one won’t fit much longer. The pants are from H&M. This photo really blows actually. It painfully obvious that the bra I was wearing at the time did *not* fit.

22 weeks maternity outfit

These are some cards I ordered from

 . She was very fast (under a week – designed and shipped) and wrapped them cutely and you should all order stationary from her because she’s awesome.

Thank You from Potent Notables

This is me ‘sleeping’.

Bed Time

In the background you can see out ‘money tree’.  It used to be 4 trees braided together but 3 of them died somehow so now it’s this long spindly monstrosity.  I don’t have the heart to kill plants but it would be nice to have something nicer in our room.  Maybe I could add another plant into the large mostly unused pot?  What do you think?

What to do?

I made a Blogger account so I could comment on some posts and I was pleased when Blogger added the feature of sending me emails of comments that happened after mine.

Then yesterday I found out that I can use my LJ as an open ID for commenting on Blogger, which is awesome because then I don’t need to keep a dummy Blogger account BUT I can’t get emails after my comments with it.  BUMMER.

So now I don’t know which to use when commenting on Blogger posts…

What do you think?