Bobby 2 years 8 months

This post is a day late because yesterday was Family Day and we were busy doing fun stuff all day long.

We got Bobby an easel and he is very into making his art. He is very serious about it but he also dislikes getting his hands messy, which is an interesting situation when using paints.

Making a painting on my easel (got his shortly after)
The artist

The artist hard at work on his own easel

He also has been having naps at odd times on the weekends. He refuses to nap so we randomly find him asleep in places.

Sleeping with the dogs
5pm power nap

Napping on Mommy
Napping on Mommy

Car Nap
Napping in the car

Couch nap with Daddy
Couch nap

Bobby is a huge supporter of Valentine’s day. He made a v-days hat and has worn it TO DEATH. He has also been extra lovey, snuggly, kissy since v-day which is so heartmeltingly awesome.

Wearing his v-day hat while out to lunch
Out for lunch

Being a cuddly guy
We're buds

Brent has introduced Bobby to Loony Toons and they can often be found in the basement watching the DVDs and eating PLAIN air popped popcorn. Apparently you are not supposed to give popcorn to children under 4 and we just learned this yesterday and now I guess we need to only eat it when he is sleeping because letting him see it and not giving him any would be pretty mean.

Eating popcorn with dad

Bobby and Brent have also been bonding over video games lately. The play Classic NES together. Brent plays and Bobby just holds the extra controller. He likes anything Mario or Donkey Kong. At bedtime, Brent tells him the plot lines to classic games and Bobby thinks Brent is the greatest story teller of all time.

Playing NES in Mommy and Daddy’s room
My boys playing classic NES

We’ve been letting him be ‘in charge’ of more things lately. He picks out his own pjs at night. We let him choose his own clothes but we give him guidelines "it’s really cold today so you need to pick something with long sleeves" or "oh that’s a nice shirt you picked, I think these pants would look nice with it. What do you think?"  He found his old Halloween costume and decided to wear it. Since we had no place to be, we agreed.

Giraffe for a day
February Giraffe Sighting.

Being a cowboy
This is Cowboy Monster Mario

"I’m NOT Daddy! I just have on his slippers"
Trying on dad's slippers

We planted a lot of our seeds for our veggies and we got him a little seed starting kit for watermelons. He’s in charge of it and checks it every morning. He’s also in charge of pouring the water into our seed trays when needed.

Helping to get the soil ready for our seed trays
Moistening the soil

Reading the instructions on his watermelon seed starting kit (just add water).
Reading the instructions

And a few more photos without stories just for fun times.



Yeah… I’ve got talents…

So in the past week I’ve realized that I have a talent or two that I haven’t recognized as such.

The first is filing complaints.  I do it relatively often I suppose. But SOMEONE has to do it and since I feel I do it well and appropriately, why not me?

The second seems to be pumpkin decorating.  First I made this pumpkin sculpture for the contest held at work last week:

Halloween is a better candy holiday than Easter

It didn’t win even though I think it’s the best one. There a rumors that the contest was rigged. You can see them all on my Flickr page.

Then on Saturday I sat down to carve our pumpkin for Halloween  and I just kept going and going until I ended up with this.
my pumpkin

WTF? Where the hell did THAT ability come from? I had just planned on making a pumpkin with a giant toothy mouth and nothing else, the the eyes called from within, followed by the nose.  Unfortunately, my pumpkin skills were wasted on this neighbourhood since we got very few trick-or-treaters (but compliments from nearly all of them on the pumpkin! BOOYEAH)

So there you have it, 2 talents to add to my list of awesomeness.

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that which sustains me

Once again Brent has taken Bobby out on a man-venture to allow me to work on my paintings. I’m doing that right not but I’m at the point were I need certain parts to dry (or mostly dry) before I can do the next part. I decided to kill paint drying time by singing along to music and checking my twitter feed.

Let me just say this:

My taste in music is ACES! Everything I like, I like because it emotes. It makes me feel something. There are a lot of good songs in the world, but if it doesn’t make me FEEL something deep within mah bellay then I’m not interested in hearing more than maybe 2 times.

Artists currently driving me are:

-Sondre Lerche (favorite song right now is "My Hands are Shaking" SERIOUSLY AWESOME)
-Immaculate Machine

And more but those are the last three that came up on random.

So anyway, there I was singing along to great songs and checking my twits and then Torrie posted this link and I just soared. I feel like if I read that EVERY MORNING nothing bad can happen in my life and I will always feel full of spirit and artistic motivation. I don’t even know how else to describe that link. Please PLEASE read it and let me know what you think. Do you even find it interesting?

I find sometimes things that change me mean less than dirt to others. I can see it. I know I feel nothing for things that drive others. Good thing there’s lots of stuff out there for all the different kind of people.

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Call out for art.

I need art for my house! Give me links to art you like.  I’ve been browsing the internet and nothing has really stopped me in my tracks so far.

Also, someone in my reader posted a link in the last month or so about vinyl wall decals of the alphabet where each letter had an animal (whose name starts with that letter) with it.  I forgot to bookmark the page and now I can’t find it.  It was solid-colour and it wasn’t on Etsy.  Any ideas?

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Vacation day two

 This was probably the most fulfilling day I’ve had in a long time.  I took my time in the morning, took a nice shower, waxed my eyebrows.

I thought the compost bees would be gone by now so I went out to turn the compost but they were still there so I think they live there now.  I’ll just have to wait until it gets cold out to turn the compost. I’m ok with that I guess.

I also set up my ‘art corner’;

-drafting table
-supply cabinet
-fold out table
-music player
-shitty guitar stool (way too short, working on this)

I’m 99% done my first art project! I’ll post photos of it later. I just need to cut them out and pop ’em in the frames.  And I’m 99% happy with it.  I had a choice to make and I regret the one I did but I can always learn from that and make the other choice next time.  There are still a few more supplies I would like to get (illustration board, waterproof felt pens in many different widths etc.) but that can wait, maybe even until the religious/gift giving winter holidays.

Then I made some oatmeal whole wheat caramel chip cookies.

It was so nice to just sit all by myself for a few uninterrupted hours of creativity.  That probably won’t happen again for  long time but it recharged my batteries so I feel great right now.

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A bunch of stuff in reverse order of how it happened

Today at lunch I went to the French Baker to get some macaroons. I’m scared to start eating them because I won’t be able to be responsible and stop.

See how pretty?

french macaroons

I got chocolate, pistachio, lemon and raspberry…

Jeff blogged about me and my poop-stars. I am actually wearing the same thing today except I haven’t cuffed my pants. I only do that so I don’t get dog hair all over them, or because I’m too hot.

A while ago, I ordered a baby sock monkey from Gus Greeper.

When he first came home, we figured Llamacorn had to make a jingle, or a bingle. We soon discovered that his size didn’t work well with our plumbing…
Llamacorn -1

Much to his dismay, we had to go the diaper route since he couldn’t be trusted outdoors. The dogs were more than willing to help him find his way… but he didn’t think his way should be in their mouths.
Llamacorn -2

He perked up when I showed him our bananas. I figured being a monkey, he could figure this one out on his own.
Llamacorn -3

Unfortunately, they overpowered him.
Llamacorn -4

Brent, ever the loving father gave him a hand. Llamacorn demanded the photo make it look like he did it all on his own.
Llamacorn -5

I painted this:


(It’s a bad photo, the borders are actually straight but it wasn’t flat when I took this shot.)


The photo she took of the painting is kind of better….

Some morning poetry

I had climbed out of that deep dark mucky hole
It felt good to see the sky again
As I stood there at the edge
inhaling the fresh air deeply
the soil began to erode
I want to run away to save myself from falling in
but my legs won’t move
and in this vast open space
I wouldn’t know where to go anyway

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