Life List

In no particular order:

  1. Move to a walkable neighbourhood
  2. Make positive changes in my current neighbourhood
  3. Learn to carve
  4. Learn to be present in my body (dance?)
  5. Travel across Canada (been right, now go left)
  6. Have the perfect space for the perfect outdoor hammock and use it regularly
  7. Do some guerilla gardening
  8. Have my next tattoo
  9. Skinny dip somewhere other than my back yard
  10. Take a relaxing trip to a hot place
  11. Hole up in a snow-covered cabin
  12. Get rid of my car (and it not be a problem)
  13. Help someone else accomplish a life list item
  14. Allow myself to be reckless
  15. Get rid of cable
  16. Read and appreciate some good poetry
  17. Have better posture
  18. Go canoeing
  19. Take more self-portraits with my real camera
  20. Work on a collaborative, creative project

14 Comments on “Life List”

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  2. Erin says:

    run a full marathon
    be financially prepared for the future
    make choices on living situtation, consider buying a house
    continue to bike commute
    visit a new state just because
    have a proper vacation

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