Movie Review: Mad Max – Fury Road

This is the most feminist action movie I have ever seen.

It’s also just ok.

I got much more enjoyment from reading the reviews and the MRA freak-outs than from seeing the actual movie.

I don’t like 3d movies.

The review I’m writing right now probably has more words than the entirety of the movie itself.

I liked that there were women with their own motivations doing things, and that it didn’t really need to be explained, because they are living people making choices and we don’t need to scrutinize and justify them. That was nice.

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An ode to Jeff

Jeff is a great friend.

He asks good questions, he’s open to new ideas, he is thoughtful with gifts of time/food/services.

He makes me watch YouTube videos so I can keep up with the times.

He makes beautiful playlists.

He suggests we watch movies that pull my heart all over the place.


Last night, Shawn and I went over to Jeff’s and his partner’s place and we watched HER and I had only read headlines about it. I imagine there was criticism about the main character and falling for an object. But the story was so human (also the styling was so fucking excellent).
It touched on a lot of topics that I’m feeling and that Shawn is feeling and it was great to watch it together. And it was great to watch it with friends and to talk about it afterwards.
I found it really touching and I came away from it identifying with a computer. So there’s that.



The point here, really, is that Jeff knows me. He knows how to choose media that will speak to me for our shared time. This very rarely is not the case. We need to hang out more. Maybe we should start a monthly movie club.


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Me in the news

This was a couple years ago. As if my regular email address is published. Weird.

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Learning skills that don’t pay the bills.

One day, not long after I moved here, Jeff came over and he brought over an extra camera and we set out on a walking adventure. My plan was to take him up to the roof of the War Museum as neither of us had been up there. It turns out, that was the least interesting part of our walk!

He let me use his macro lens and was teaching me about all the chicketies and doodads that make a good photo. It was really fun and it turns out we had been out walking for two hours. Our hang-outs typically consist of vegging out, so it was nice to spend time together in an entirely different context. Below are my favorite shots from the day. They are completely unedited.

This text was about 5mm tall.

new brunsuick



Jeff suggested that I focus on the face, but it was kind of turned under the body so I decided to focus on the wing.



So then I focused on this face. I’m not sure he was aware I was taking his photo.


This is my favorite shot of the set. This grasshopper was about an inch long.



I took a bunch of web-shots. This is a fruit fly!



I love the golden colour inside the cap of this acorn.


I hope we do this again. Maybe in the spring, or perhaps somewhere indoors over the winter.


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Netflix rating.

Maëlys and I were discussing which movies we loved and which ones we didn’t, in order to ascertain what we should watch together. I had a hard time remembering any I had seen. But lucky for me! I’ve been blogging forever and have a tag on my old LJ “movies” so I can go back and find what I like. The following are films I will rate highly so that Netflix can give me good suggestions:


  • I ❤ Huckabees (existentialism + Marky Mark)
  • The Beaver (I know I’m supposed to not watch Mel Gibson movies because he’s a bad person, but it’s a good movie)
  • The Devil’s Backbone
  • Short Bus
  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  • Secretary
  • Children of men
  • The OH in Ohio
  • How to Survive a Plague
  • The Trotsky
  • The High Cost of Living
  • Polytechnique
  • Beginners
  • Incendies
  • Les Amours Imaginaires
  • Code Inconnu
  • Milk
  • I am Sam
  • Basquiat

What am I missing that is so amazing?


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When I was in grade school, I used to watch Who’s the boss? when I got home, pretty much every day.    When I went to bed, an episode other than the one I saw would pop into my head.  Not the whole episode, but just a certain theme or line or something.  Most of the time, that one played the next day.  At first I thought I could will the tv to play whateverepisode I wanted, then I thought I had a psychic ability that was pretty much useless.

I haven’t watched any episodes of Survivor.  This isn’t new as I’ve only watched one of the seasons in it’s entirety.  Are any of you watching it?  Any comment on the racism?

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