My Precious

Lately I’ve been working on this little nugget of a dream and it’s germinating and I’m so excited and it’s precious to me.


Amended thoughts

I stopped bringing people through my thought processes and emotional journeys with me. I own those, and it’s on me to work through without imposing that on someone.

I also feel an immense sense of loss at the great love that comes with being so utterly vulnerable.


But this isn’t even entirely true. I haven’t really stopped. I stopped sharing so incredibly deeply with Shawn and have started branching out and trying to be more vulnerable, in general, and with a greater number of people I trust. I do feel that great loss, as above, but I’m also gaining deeper connections with a wider variety of people.

And though I mourn experiencing that debilitating level of emotion, I have to admit that it WAS debilitating. It held me so unbelievably close that it was easy to stop being on top of my other, more tangible, things. It was important because it taught me how to be deeply open and I now get to practice those skills with other people, to varying degrees, which brings me many joys.


On this day:

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In 2009 – jeans that are like a push up bra for your ass
In 2007 – Seville Oranges

I feel like I am a gift.

I am gingerly unwrapped, with patience and care.

My bow is untied and placed gently aside.
The tape is lifted without any tearing.
My paper is removed then firmly folded down.

Everything that was found within is gathered up and celebrated.


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If it’s not said, it basically doesn’t exist to me.

It suddenly popped in my head the other day, and then was brought up again in conversation with Shawn, that I have a need for things to be said. I am SO BAD at interpreting cues and innuendo and hints.

Like, I get that if someone spends a lot of time with me, they probably like me, but unless they say things like “I like XYZ about you.” I am actually not so sure.

Or if someone is making eyes at me and being  bit physical in a non-specific way (like putting a hand on my shoulder) I could think they are just very attentive, or that they want to do me, or that they are just into that level of physical contact and nothing more, and so I would just respond in equal measure to their output, unless they indicate anything else.

This is probably why I just blurt out things like “Let’s put our mouths together into a kiss” or some other ridiculously awkward thing.

I’m probably missing out on connecting with lots of interesting people who are more into being subtle, or flirty, or mysterious. I just do not get how to be like that. I guess that’s something to work on.

How do I work on that?

On this day:

In 2008 – Further proof that I am a seahorse


I went to Toronto this weekend.




I lived in the suburbs of Toronto until I was 16. Up until then, I imagined that when I grew up, I would move to the city, or perhaps go to Montreal or a different country.

It’s weird, all my ideas for the future had nothing to do with concrete things like a job or a school program and everything to do with fostering certain feelings and connections.

Community of care

Community of care


Part of my trip was just such a perfect time of soul-bonding and sharing.

Part of my trip was incredibly frustrating.

Part of my trip was full of potential.

Part of my trip was really finally feeling like I’m an adult in control of my life and if I want to drive to Toronto with the sole reason of hanging out with a particular person for 3 minutes shy of 5 hours, I can do that. I can do anything I fucking want.

Light on the subway

Light on the subway


For the first time, I’ve started considering what my life would be like if I had not moved away at 16. There’s a certain personal confidence I feel when being in that city. I don’t feel it here in Ottawa and I think it has to do with population. I need to remember what it feels like and hold on to the parts that benefit me here.

Thinking this stuff over has illuminated the history of the anxieties I have, how I’ve worked toward overcoming them, what is within the realm of the possible, (and what is not) and how geography and culture is a bigger factor than I thought it was.

On this day:

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Smit Smat Smut

Guilty Look

Gosh I am just so smitten with my newest lover! *sigh*

Shawn is out of town tonight and new lover is super busy but I’m just all “Come over after – Just wake me up – The door will be unlocked” and tomorrow after work I drive 5 hours to join Shawn (whom I’m also kind of having a total re-swoon over but he is much busier than usual lately so I’m just kind of feeling missing-longing feelings for him) in Toronto and meet up with old friends I’ve missed.

I’m excited to spend a big chunk of Saturday with Sarah. We haven’t seen each other in literally years and that is no big deal actually. She is probably my first love. We get along so well and can just pick things up after years of silence. She inspires me to be honest and inquisitive and to explore myself and others.

I always forget that at the start of new relationships I get all I JUST WANNA BE IN LOVE WITH EVERYBODY!!!!

Also horny. Having sex just makes me want more. What IS that? oy oy oy

It’s hard to focus.


On this day:

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The falling in love game.

fox love

So there was an article all over facebook recently about a lab experiment where two strangers answer a bunch of questions and then they fall in love and the writer of the article tried it with a guy she recently started dating and it totally worked.

It’s a cute piece and I am totally into it. I mean, I just like the idea of falling in love with everybody. Well, I mean, I want to love my friends and lovers, no matter how much (or little) of a commitment I’m making. And I think that the path to doing that (for me anyway) is sharing vulnerabilities and truths.

And that’s not always easy to do! The transition from getting-to-know-you chit chat to revealing deep insecurities is not always a natural or easy one to make. I think that’s the appeal of these ‘experiment questions’. They slowly take the participants into deeper and deeper conversational territory, they are already laid out so one doesn’t really have to volunteer topics which can be so intimidating all on it’s own.

Part of me wonders if I can somehow turn this into a games night. Or like a series of one-on-one events with the people that would be down and I’d be into deepening a connection.

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