Why do I announce all my actions?

  • Because I used to do it with my babies, to help them develop language, and it became a habit.
  • Because I want everyone else to do it too so I can always know how to best plan around them.
  • Because it allows those around me to plan their lives with a bit more information available to them.
  • Because it helps me order my thoughts.
  • Because I hope those I tell keep me accountable to my plans/intentions.

“I’m just gonna make dinner and then I’ll have a shower and then I’m going to clean out the closet.”

I’m sick of it though. I feel like it puts people in awkward positions at times. It centralizes my experience over those around me. Do I just stop? Do I need to transform this behaviour into some other, more positive behaviour or set of behaviors? Do you have the answers to these questions?

On this day:

in 2008 – All true, especially if I’m pregnant (which I was when I wrote this)
in 2006 – budding feminism – outdated analysis
in 2005 – Men-only golfing


One Comment on “Why do I announce all my actions?”

  1. metahara says:

    only tell them what is pertinent to them and in a way that includes them– I’m making dinner, are you joining us tonight?

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