Sacred Items

Earlier today, I made this post on Facebook:

I was going to make a real blog post about this but.. *meh* I don’t feel like blogging every passing thing. Isn’t that what facebook is for?

I am feeling so incredibly depleted today. It’s part of many things.

1- I’ve been bringing big, nutritious lunches with me all week and today I didn’t and I didn’t eat my bought food in a timely way.

2- I have low level pervasive stress about the state of my home (messy).

3- I have low level pervasive stress about opening a business and not being able to move forward in a way that works for me, for reasons that are beyond my control.

4- Interrupted solo time.This is one point, but is so so so huge for me. I need solo time so badly.

5- Plans that get half made and end up not really happening.

So I’m giving myself some achievable goals for the rest of today (post-work) and I’m not even going to list them because that’s too much pressure.

and it brought me to wonder about the things which bring me joy.

There are lots and Lots and LOTS of intangible things that bring me joy. There are also physical things that bring me joy, just by having them around my home. They are the kinds of things I feel like I could never have enough of. But I never really thought about them as a class of item, and so I will now. I will start a list.

  • houseplants
  • rocks, crystals, gems
  • beach glass
  • ceramics
  • blankets made of natural fibers
  • beeswax candles



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