Red Flags

So I have a first date coming up, and yesterday my friends were hanging with me and were all “Lemme see the OKC” and then we looked up the “unacceptable answers” section and. Well… This should be interesting.

Things they won’t like about me:

-I don’t shave my legs unless I feel like it (maybe twice a year)
-I’m not into racist jokes
-I’m not into eugenics
-I have opinions that are important to me
-I’d burn flags before I’d burn books (which is actually not true because I don’t really have flags at my disposal but wow. So. Many. Books.)
-I’m not into guns except for their use in hunting for food purposes.

On this day:

In 2012 – I like weird things
In 2008 – Pregnant with Bobby, eating nothing but garlic bread, pie, and slushies.
In 2006 – That soup is so good. I need to make it again.


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