Slow it right down

I eat the entire bag of cherry blasters. I gorge on new experience. I burn through hobbies. I get all wrapped up in loves and lusts.

I’m trying to slow myself down. Also life has just slowed me down.

  • Shawn has a bunch of new stuff going on which means we are being more autonomous than we have been previously.
  • I’m a winter hibernator – generally.
  • This thing I have going on with the new person I’ve mentioned many times already is going at a leisurely and pleasant pace.
  • I’ve started doing hot yoga which has me just focusing on the moment more often.
  • I’m taking my time in getting my stuff done. I’m making sure I don’t burn out, while also making sure I don’t let truly important things drop.

I spent many years feeling absolute panic about being on time for everything, having all my stuff done on time or ahead of time and knowing how every second would be best spent. It was emotionally exhausting and the enjoyment from being ‘on top of my game’ was overshadowed by my near constant anxiety.

I feel like I’ve let go of a lot of stuff on the administrative side of my life and BLEH that’s not working for me. That’s the stuff that makes me feel awesome when it’s accomplished. I’m re-calibrating. I’m taking the stress out of other areas to manage my energy more effectively for my desired results.

What am I even talking about right now?

I guess I’m just enjoying the moments and the processes (and I still eat the entire bag of candy at once).

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One Comment on “Slow it right down”

  1. It’s good to go through changes and it sounds like slowing things down is working for you (: I feel like we get so worked up with trying to make deadlines that we make ourselves miserable and sometimes we just need to take time for ourselves to do whatever the hell we want! Even if that includes laying in bed all day!

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