The things that are overwhelming me.

I’ve stopped using my paper journal to manage my energy and help me navigate my need for alone time and figure my shit out and today I’m a fucking emotional nightmare. I stopped a couple months ago, really, and I thought I was doing well but shit, January has thrown a lot of stuff at me and I have not been keeping up with myself.

Things I’m working through:

  • How to continue to participate in things that bring me joy, when they are things my loved-ones don’t like, without feeling really self-conscious about it.
  • How to not be in the middle of uncomfortable situations between people who are not me.
  • Dealing with the fact that I used to have a certain aspect of my shit together WAY MORE than I currently do and trying to find the energy to get back to where I want to be.
  • And then dealing with all the new Life Stuff (living situation, work situation, new business situation, tax-season blah blah blah) that I need to figure out.
  • And practicing being there for others in ways that are not natural for me but is what they need and I want to do this for them.
  • How to share my love with others without making it all about me (which I think I have come a long way on and in some cases it’s about being seen with fresh eyes).

On this day:

In 2008 – I still remember how to ask to find a bank machine!

One Comment on “The things that are overwhelming me.”

  1. T says:

    I like this list. I am inspired to do the same. Thank you wise young woman~

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