Pork Chops

Who even makes these? Moms and Grammas I guess? That’s always been my experience. Disks of over-cooked pork which are almost turned to a jerky. The lingering jaw-ache days later.

So when I was on a (oh-so-lovely) date earlier this week at a place where I know I like the food and saw pork chops on the menu, I decided to give it a whirl.

It was so juicy and flavourful! That’s my review.


So I guess I’m super hungry right now and dreaming about that pork chop. And I guess I’m ALSO like “Oh yeah that was a nice date” and not really telling you anything about it 😉


On this day:

In 2014 – I found them. I… did not do a good job… they fell apart.
In 2013 – This reminds me about my post yesterday and that I want to do some meal planning.
In 2008 – UGH where is my watercolour pad????
In 2007 – Percy photos!
In 2006 – Mind-Readers
In 2005 – This was the day before I started the job I have now.


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