Things I want to do in the near future

  • pick up the stuff I painted with the kids at the Mud Oven
  • pick up my back-ordered tools from Lee Valley
  • finally finish making that oar!
  • get a copy of a key made
  • everything involved with becoming a real estate baroness
  • everything involved in operating a used bookstore
  • get snowshoes and use them
  • crimp my hair
  • eat a steak with fancy mushrooms and a green vegetable
  • think about meal planning and taking lunches to work
  • organize the fucking contents of our front hall closet WHAT A DISASTER IT IS.

On this day:

in 2014 – this year I read about 1.75 books and most of that was on a nude beach while vacationing so…
in 2013 – my three owl army!
in 2006 – pouring booze all over the table
in 2005 – dog problems


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