How I’m coping…

… with waking up this morning, after 3 weeks of sickness, feeling MORE sick than I felt in the previous days.

  • sleep till 10am
  • shuffle downstairs, get on the sofa, drink coffee, moan
  • cry a little but not very much because it clogs up my sinuses
  • eat half a grapefruit
  • exhausted from all that living, take a one hour nap
  • abandon all hope of making that lasagna I have all the ingredients for
  • drive to run an errand, get honked at for something or other, stay in the car while Shawn runs the errand, drive home – total time out, 20 minutes, obviously I need to rest
  • rest for about an hour
  • go take a shower – we have an event at our home tonight after all – get clean, then turn up the heat to one degree less than scalding, crouch down and let the hot sting rain down on my back
  • intently examine how the water mists onto my hair and collects on my bangs and drips down in front of my eyes in a predictable rhythm
  • turn off the water and pull myself out over the edge of the tub, crawl over to the toilet and perch atop it
  • turn on my hair dryer and point it at my head – eventually it will be dry – whatever it ends up looking like, we’ll just say I’m daring
  • get dressed in leggings and a giant oversized hoodie that is pretty much a snuggie
  • go make a beet salad
  • eat some chilli
  • realizing our event starts in 5 minutes, go hide away in bed with the door closed and a cup of rummy egg nog, and decide it’s for everyone’s best interest that I socialize exactly zero amount.

And here we are.


On this day:

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