a homebuyer’s wish list

I’m starting to look at real estate for buying. It’s kind of like a hobby of mine I guess. I figured I would put together a wish list of what I want out of a possible home:

  • possibility of income property (like a duplex/triplex or with a basement apartment or something)
  • separate bedrooms for the kids, or a big enough room that they can have some private space (I saw one cool one that had a loft space within the room so one could have the ‘upstairs’)
  • lots of access to natural light
  • green space for gardening
  • workshop space for woodwork/bike repair. It wouldn’t need to be huge, but it would have to be somewhat pleasant to be in. Could be a garage or shed with electricity (for some heat in the winter)
  • needs to fit my massive harvest table
  • a tub that can cover my body in water (I guess I could always change out a tub)
  • a spot for a hammock

So those are my basic requirements. Anything else is pretty much just bonus stuff. I don’t mind putting work into a place if it fits my basic criteria already.

What are your absolute must-haves for your home?

On this day:

In 2012 – surgery jitters
In 2008 – I get really anxious about the minutia of logistics
In 2007 – This was a big part of that whole “my life is hell” phase of my life.
In 2005 – oh yeah Ratatat!!


One Comment on “a homebuyer’s wish list”

  1. ariddles says:

    Mine were: must be warm and quiet; preferably closer to downtown than I was before. I got those things.

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