It’s ok to feel angry.

Yesterday I had a super awesome day where Terri and I  went back to that farm with the great cabin and had their 3 course lunch. This time, we brought Shawn and Gen with us. I will do an in-depth post about this later.

Then I got to start a huge fire for the people there (I am great at starting fires if I have a match or a lighter. I wonder how good I’d be at other methods…)

Then home to lounge in bed, watch some shows, get sexy, get takeout then….

I started testing out a Commander deck for MTG and it’s a terrible deck and I was so bitter about it not working the way I wanted it to and I got very frustrated and wanted to burn all the cards in the fire.

I was frustrated with Shawn for having decks that are irritating to play against and for making the construction process of my deck difficult and I could never actually get my concept to work and GAH GAH GAH. I had to be angry about it.

There was such good in it. It was good to just feel my “bad” emotions and to feel safe to do so with/at my partner. I blew off some steam, poked him in the belly a whole bunch and we got over it with a bunch of giggles.

So for a bit I felt like “This Whole Day Is RUINED” but turns out the whole thing was actually super perfect.

On this day:

In 2010 – why are drafting tables so ugly?
In 2006 – list of reasons I identified with feminism at the time ( I still do, my list is more nuanced now)
In 2005 – I’m not a fucking doctor


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