art smart part fart

It is finally happening. It’s finally the week ending with a trip to the dream cabin with Terri.

I’m planning on bringing all my wood carving stuff, water colour painting stuff and at least two paper journals.

I’m planning on communing with nature, communing with myself and communing with my good friend. I love where our conversations go when we aren’t distracted by other people, or events or tasks.

I love art but I don’t feel like an artist. Maybe I’m more of an art facilitator? I model for artists anyhow.

My art is me. I guess I am performance art. My focus is to make myself happier and wiser and with a rich soul. The medium is my interaction with myself vs my interaction with others. I’ll know I’m done working on this piece of art when it’s no longer a performance or an exercise and is just IS.

Art is expression. Art is communicating thoughts and emotion. Art is visceral and honest.

On this day:

In 2009 – a guest post!


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