Maybe I have seasons.

Maybe summer is about DOING! and winter is about deep internal growth that means I need to pull the things that are deep inside of me out through my mouth and my fingertips.

I’ve done so many things over the warm months. And just like I need time to process and reflect and re-energize in my day to day life, maybe the colder months are when I need to do that for my long-term soul. The spring and autumn are about the transition between these two states.

I’m old enough to be noticing these patterns in myself. It is good to do it, and to work with my natural flow. This is how I can optimize my human experience.

On this day:

in 2013 – all my secret stuff
in 2007 – I get really excited about voting, it seems
in 2006 – It did rain a little
in 2005 – Sore Loser


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