I’m basically a reverse vampire.

Really it’s true, except for the sucking human blood part.

I recently made a post on Facebook about my worry about how I would cope with winter.

I am really worried about my potential state of mind come winter. I do not know how I will deal with so much indoor time

Will I need to take up winter sports? I did try snowshoeing last winter and it was fun despite the snow’s insistence on trying to suck my entire body into its depths…


But really, I don’t think it’s about coping with winter as a series of weather phenomena. I think it’s just dealing with how much DARK there is.

I was also thinking about naps and I just don’t take them. I feel so bummed about missing out on daylight hours to do something like SLEEPING. It’s really only acceptable to me when sick.

And in winter it is dark EARLY and if I’m already home, motivating myself to leave home in the dark is next to impossible. If I’m not home yet, I can go do night stuff no problem.

Well I’m glad I know this about myself now. I mean, I’ve known bits and pieces of this but all together this makes sense and I can incorporate that knowledge into my plans-making.


On this day:

in 2005 – the band was never booked, nor was the honeymoon


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