That stank.

I often miss living alone.

I like feeling like I have an entire space to myself to do whatever I like at any volume.

I like putting something in a spot and it not moving unless I move it.

I like the freedom of not being accountable to housemates.

But I ALSO super love living with my partner, and my kids, and my best-ever room-mate. There are so many benefits to living together the way that we do, and they overshadow those items above.

One of the things that I adore about being in an open relationship is when Shawn has a date and I do not have plans of any kind, other than with my self. He gets to go out and socialize and romance and do whatever the heck he wants and I get to stay home and blast a play list and clean out the disgusting fridge.

Seriously. It had a SMELL.

This song came up on Songza while I was cleaning and I remembered how much I love it!

This song came up on Songza while I was cleaning and I remembered how much I love it!

And then later, when we get the chance to reconnect, I’m in a better space because I met my own needs and Shawn is in a better place because he has had some new and stimulating experiences and we get to share with each other and bring a richness to each others’ lives that we wouldn’t have had without our time apart.

I love being social, in and out of my home, but I also love my alone time. It gives me the mental space to organize my life and to re-charge so I can be an active participant in social time.

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One Comment on “That stank.”

  1. T says:

    I love that you are creating the life you want on your own terms.

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