Friday Feminism Truth-Bomb

Last night I was thinking about how I used to make 10 layer lasagna from scratch. And Bread. And granola bars. And crackers and basically everything I ate and fed my family for 3 meals a day – pretty much every day.

I was thinking about how there are certain meals I miss eating and jeez-oh-why was I no longer making them? BECAUSE THEY TAKE ALL DAMN DAY. Which was fine when I was living a life in the middle of nowhere, with nothing nearby to do, and with a partner who was not interested in doing anything to help me pursue any of my interests or maintain relationships with friends and family (other than THEIR friends and family). In that particular case, it was very easy for me to do domestic labour all the time. It was the only thing that wasn’t met with any resistance.

But now there are about 1000 other things that take up my time and energize my soul and when I balance any of those things against staying in all day to make home made ravioli with a variety of fillings, well, the time-intensive home cooking very rarely wins out.

So then I was thinking about how I can integrate my desire for yummy long-prep foods with the fact that I have a fucking enriching life and there are some good gems in there.

1-Get the whole household on-board with sharing the labour (this is mostly in full-effect at the dear old Foxhole)
2-Make it a social event! Last winter, I hosted a Pot-Pie making party and it was a big success and everyone got to go home with some great home-made food after having shared in the work to make it and having had a nice meal together. I will need to do this again!
3-figure out how to cut corners. This can mean making bigger batches of time-intensive things and freezing some of it. Our freezer is pretty small and pretty full though. I need to give this item more thought.

Anyways, fuck the patriarchy and fuck domestic labour as a tool of oppression.

On this day:

in 2013 – I guerilla-planted some tomatoes. It was really fun and I actually want to do more to get edible plants just growing all over my neighbourhood
in 2012 – Turns out, I was pregnant after all. I had an abortion and I probably blogged about that in detail shortly after.
in 2008 – honestly, Guitar Hero makes me want to vomit. I have such a negative association with it, it’s UNREAL
in 2007 – sexism in sports SO SURPRISING
in 2006 – a recipe!!!

One Comment on “Friday Feminism Truth-Bomb”

  1. T says:

    I love the idea of bringing friends into the fold.

    In NOLa when I was cooking for 2 kids, and another mom, we had potluck dinner parties twice a month.
    On any given day I would get a friend to be my prep cook and visit with me while I cooked.

    When I came home from farmers market or grocer, I immediately washed and prepped all veggies- cut and placed in ziploc bags, stacked in fridge for easy stir fry type meals or quick cook vegan soups (I like to puree and make creamy with potato or cauliflower).

    I cooked 3 meals once per week and froze all but one days’ servings. Anytime I cooked anything, I always made enough to freeze. Real Ziploc bags are worth their price. Food usually is good for 2 or 3 weeks in the freezer.

    Foods that freeze well:
    Lentil soup
    Spanokopita (uncooked)
    Meats, poultry
    Veggie balls

    If you freeze pasta dishes- freeze the sauce and any other topping separately.

    Yes- domestic work can be a bore and can feel oppressive. I’m glad more men are involved with children and home nowadays.
    Single motherhood is no joke though.

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