The weirdest

thing happened to me. I just realized it moments ago, but I’m now a hugger.

I really REALLY wasn’t a hugger a few short years ago and I never thought I would be, but here it is. A fact.



Access to good quality hugs from a nice variety of people has made me feel so great in many ways lately. I feel like I’m the testimonial actor for the q-ray in my inability to describe why it has been so amazing. I know it makes me feel nourished in some way and that hugs from different people tend to have different uplifting qualities.

I like long hugs.

Short ones are ok. They are better than no ones.

Really awkwardly long ones are so the best. I’m feeling less awkward about them which maybe means I’m becoming that person who gives awkwardly long hugs.

On this day:

in 2009 – my box
in 2008 – I am now a big time mushroom lover, actually
in 2007 – I forgot that I liked that band!
in 2006 – Marriage!


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