Moving away from entitlement.

Yesterday, I took Bobby to the local toy store to choose something to buy with the money he received for his birthday. I showed him how he could determine what he could afford and gave him the usual guidelines of “nothing with weapons or about fighting”. He took his time and finally decided on a lego set with the caveat that any weapon pieces would be surrendered to me.

While we were at the store, he saw some more expensive lego sets that he was really excited about and was disappointed that he didn’t have enough money for them. We briefly talked about the idea that he could do some supplementary work around the house to earn some money to save for the lego set he wanted.

Once home, he spent a couple hours making the set and was feeling super accomplished about it.

Finished Lego


Later that day, while we were having dinner, Bobby again brought up the fact of his disappointment. We talked about doing work around the home and he said he’d like to do that. I asked him what type of work he would like to do. He said Laundry! We agreed that he’d do the household laundry of 4 separate occasions, each occasion comprising of 4 tasks:

  1. bringing the laundry to the basement
  2. washing all the clothes
  3. drying all the clothes
  4. folding all the clothes

Today we got started! Shawn made a great chart so Bobby can check things off during the process. Currently, all the laundry is in the basement. There’s one load in the wash and one load in the dryer and one load left to be washed.

Bobbys chart

Bobby is really interested in learning what to do step by step. He gets excited about finding a way to reach the wet clothes out of the bottom of the washer and timing the pour of laundry detergent. He’s almost memorized all the settings by his second load.

I’ll be happy if the laundry all gets sorted by user let alone totally folded.

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3 Comments on “Moving away from entitlement.”

  1. Libby says:

    You seem like such an amazing mom. This isn’t the first time I’ve been impressed and inspired by some aspect of your parenting, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

  2. T says:

    Aw, good mom, good son moments are the best! Thank you for sharing this slice of life~

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