An ode to Jeff

Jeff is a great friend.

He asks good questions, he’s open to new ideas, he is thoughtful with gifts of time/food/services.

He makes me watch YouTube videos so I can keep up with the times.

He makes beautiful playlists.

He suggests we watch movies that pull my heart all over the place.


Last night, Shawn and I went over to Jeff’s and his partner’s place and we watched HER and I had only read headlines about it. I imagine there was criticism about the main character and falling for an object. But the story was so human (also the styling was so fucking excellent).
It touched on a lot of topics that I’m feeling and that Shawn is feeling and it was great to watch it together. And it was great to watch it with friends and to talk about it afterwards.
I found it really touching and I came away from it identifying with a computer. So there’s that.



The point here, really, is that Jeff knows me. He knows how to choose media that will speak to me for our shared time. This very rarely is not the case. We need to hang out more. Maybe we should start a monthly movie club.


On this day:

In 2008 – “the human being I made with pure vagina power”
In 2007 – the last time I traveled


One Comment on “An ode to Jeff”

  1. GAQ says:

    I agree.
    Jeff is a beautiful person
    HER is a beautiful movies.

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