Taking joy in the process

I was thinking about something I really like about dating openly. But really it’s more than about just dating. It’s about having the freedom to pursue the individual relationship ,with each person I know, to wherever it makes sense for it to go. There are no artificial limits.

Because of this freedom, I get to do the whole thing about teaching a person about me and learning about them, fairly often and I was just taking joy in the opportunity that process gives me. It gives me the space to examine myself on a somewhat regular basis and really consider if I am living the life I want to. Do the choices I make reflect the person I want to / portray myself to be? Have I made and choices in my life that have steered me on a course that is different from the last time I went through this phase of getting to know someone?

On this day:

in 2007 – thinking about the sexualization of pre-pubescent bodies and a recipe that I really should make again
in 2006 – a lot of this makes me cringe – cue inner thoughts about how capitalism and the manufactured desire of product kept me too occupied to do any kind of fulfilling inner work.
in 2005 – not baby fever


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