Life – Right Now

I guess this is an extension of this post.

I just can not even believe how great everything is right now though. Every single day has such great moments and such beauty and such interesting opportunity for connection. I feel like a gushy love hippie right now.

I have been having butterflies of excitement for days! I’ve been productive and creative and intimate and excited and relaxed.

I feel like love and openness have been breeding more of the same and I’m so appreciative of the people in my life with which I can share myself and who share back with as much openness as they can (sometimes it can be hard!)

I feel like I have all the skills I currently need to create the life/moments/relationships I want and I’m just doing it. Not without trepidation and anxiety and fear, but still doing it as best I can. I thought this is how I would feel about completing my Life List, but this is life, right now, it’s great, I don’t need to check things off a list.

On this day:

In 2013 – what’s my type?
In 2012 – you don’t have the password for this
In 2006 – stuff about moving to the suburbs

One Comment on “Life – Right Now”

  1. T says:

    sooooo lovely! I am beaming with joy reading this. You deserve every bit of joy and love and light!

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