sweet sweetness

Yesterevening I had a really really wonderful date with a guy. I haven’t really been dating men/male-identified people in the last year so I was super pleasantly surprised.

We had a bit of a rough time coordinating a meetup time but pretty much as soon as we met up we fell into an instant ease. We rode our bikes and did some exploring. We had long talks about interesting ideas and we watched the sunset while sitting on a bridge over the river. We scoffed at an intense military dude being loud and kind of awful. We saw geese (and baby geese!), chipmunks, a raccoon, and inspected seagull island to find that there is some kind of canard that live there as well, but doesn’t mingle with the gulls. We made sounds using the structure of the old bridge.

We biked and biked some more, slowly, while chatting and pondering things of life. It reminded me a lot about when I first started dating Shawn. I never understood what he was talking about. I often had to say things like “I do not get this AT ALL, can you say it another way?” It was fascinating and confusing. I’m excited about learning a new ‘language’ again. It made me feel super connected to Shawn, because I was enjoying my time with this new person and enjoying their similarities and also their differences.

We biked through the Arboretum in the dark with no lights. We sat on the dock at Dow’s lake and chatted and I became so cold so we hugged before leaving for me to go home.

We kissed in my parking lot while my neighbour was surely wondering why I was kissing Not Shawn and we talked about all the times we wanted to kiss each other earlier in the day.. but just.. hadn’t. We kissed some more and more. I felt butterflies rise up into my chest and I just said “Go go go now”

We’ll see each other again tomorrow.


2 Comments on “sweet sweetness”

  1. ariddles says:

    Awww this is lovely. I love going on dates where I feel so happy I miss or think special thoughts about one of my other partners. To me it always means this is a special person.

  2. A. says:

    this is so nice!

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