Sewing the seeds – reaping the fruits.

I thought I’d be spending a lot of the time that Shawn is away cleaning and organizing our house. That’s basically what I do when I don’t have plans, but my plans just don’t stop piling up! I’ve been having such a wonderful time in the warm weather.

I’ve been spending a lot of time getting around by bike and I absolutely love it. I have my Simcoe and also I recently won another bike by participating in Bike To Work month. I’ll use the Simcoe for personal commuting and the other one for when I’m carting the kids around.

I’ve been spending a  lot of time with new-ish friends with which I’ve been getting along really well. I love having these people in my life because our hangs range from planning things ahead to texts that are just “I’m bored let’s do a thing” or “hey, cut my hair” and it’s just so easy and we get to talk about neat things or talk about nothing.

I’ve been spending some time doing cool things that I don’t often do. We’ve done one (so far) of the Gender Fender workshops at the bike co-op. It was well attended and I’m excited for the next one! I also got to work with a photographer for an awesomely artistic and magnificent shoot. I brought a friend (see above) and we got to be nude and get paint all over ourselves and pretend to be some kind of beasts with 6 legs. I went out dancing and it was just such a perfect night of seeing people I know/know of, dancing with friends, dancing with strangers, kisses and rubs and shoves (sometimes you just have to shove people away from you when they are being weird) and walking home with no shoes on.

I’ve been spending time on “yes this is a date”s and “is this a date?”s and I’m really ok with both versions of this. I mean really, spending time with someone is to bond and learn about them intimately, whether it’s a ‘date’ or not, whether it becomes ‘romantic’ or not. I really extra like it when it becomes the kind with kissing and/or butterflies in my stomach though.

I’ve been spending less time thinking about myself and more time with a variety of people and being in the moment. It’s neat because I’ve been doing more for myself in this time. I’ve been giving myself opportunities to connect in meaningful ways with people, and I’ve been active with my body, and I’ve been  healthful in my fuel even if having a hamburger for breakfast doesn’t SEEM like a healthy choice – it is totally what I needed – and therefore so very good for me. I’ve been talking about new concepts and have been mulling them over and letting them settle in my mind.

I feel like this is a summer of BEING whereas lately, I’ve been doing more growing/working. Now I’m using the tools I’ve acquired, for my enjoyment.

This is reaping the fruits of my labour.

On this day:

In 2012 – ovaries smovaries
In 2006 – I’ve since read “What we knew” which was a very interesting read on this topic.
In 2005 – Oh the bed thing. THAT’s when it started! It became a Much Bigger Thing :/


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  2. T says:

    BEING — yes!

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