2 days of intense togetherness – in groups

Last week, Shawn was gone for a few days visiting family in Vancouver. He came back late Friday night and we has Saturday and Sunday to spend together. Today, he’ll be leaving for Toronto for 3 weeks. We could have holed up to talk about feelings and spend some naked time and probably be mopey and depressed but where’s the fun in that? (Except the naked time part – that is, usually, very fun.)


Saturday we got up and on our bikes to go to a garage sale that I saw posted by an acquaintance on FB. It was like, a super awesome party. It was a bunch of friends who got together to sell some stuff and a lot of it was neat and we chatted and joked and bartered and sat in the shade eating snacks.  We left having made a bunch of friends. It was such a magical moment!

We toured around other sales and on the way home came across a woman trying to buy a pencil sharpener at Wallack’s at City Centre, but it’s just a warehouse. We live a block away so she came with us and took one of ours and will return in the future to one of  our drawing workshops.

We spent the rest of the day honouring our commitments and working out our miscommunications and eating and drinking and having conversations of various levels of interest.

Sunday was a day of bold adventure. We had invited a bunch of people to bike with us to Meech Lake and spend the day waterside. In the end, 2 people in addition to us biked and the majority drove up, divided in a number of cars. The bike ride was such a challenge nd even though some parts were very hard, it felt SO GOOD when I was rolling up to our destination. I did LOTS of fist-pumping. We met up with our friends and settled in a nice private spot by an inlet and spent the day swimming and sunning and resting in the shade. Eventually we went to the ruins and played in the waterfall.

I was testing myself to see if I could stand upright on a rock by the falls, trying to get closer and closer as it pummeled my back and shoulders. There were new sharp branches in the water, the result of recent work by beavers. I pulled out a long one and held it over my head and tried to launch it away like a spear. I floated around letting the current push me. I had a super fun blast.

At the end, we all got to watch one of us perform a rope suspension from the bridge over the falls and then we walked back to the lot. We biked back as three but only Shawn and I were from the original bike delegation of four.

The ride back was so wonderful. It was mostly downhill and I was going so fast. I started to practice letting the bike glide and pulling my hands off the handlebars. Eventually, I just started pedaling with my hands hovering about a foot away from the handles. I was and still am so excited about this. Riding hands-free was a skill I wanted to have by end of summer and I’m already doing better than I thought I would. The trick is to not have my cargo basket on my bike. I might need to get another for the other side, to balance things out!

Anyway, we got home and had a lovely delicious supper at So Good and showered and just fell right asleep. I am so glad we got to spend two awesome days together before a big stretch apart.

On this day:


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