This is about oral herpes.

I feel like such a hideous troll right now because of these sores on my face. I just can’t even deal. Any time I can avoid seeing anybody with this face I have right now, I’m pretty thrilled.

It’s painful and even just interacting in a normal way is difficult (talking smiling etc – hurts my damned face)! And because I’m feeling like this, I also feel gross and undesirable and like being sexual is kind of the worst and the amount of time since I’ve had some non-solo action is difficult but also I feel like I’m gross so ew don’t touch me please.

But at the same time, I’m feeling optimistic about the FUTURE of my cold-sore care. I got a new prescription from my doctor for early treatment, I picked up a new gel that seems to be helping the healing process more that the last thing I tried. I got some new tips from friends that might be of use as well.

Most people who have herpes are not even aware. Doctors don’t really test for it or do much about it unless a patient complains. I guess in the grand scheme of things, it’s not the hugest deal, but I wish there were more available for treatment and prevention. I can’t find much in the way of info for transmission prevention other than to never come into skin to skin contact with anybody.

Anyway – I’ve been a troll just hiding out under a bridge because I’ve been extremely uncomfortable (physically) and also self-conscious lately. It will pass.

{edited to add} I’ve been taking daily lip photos every morning. It’s interesting. Maybe I’ll make another blog post about that in the future 😛

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