Say my name say my name.

Because how could I NOT quote Beyoncé for this blog title?

The older I get, the more often I hear my name pronounced as Tee-Ah-Nahh. My family has always said Tee-Anne-Ah. (In French, I usually hear Tyan-nuh or Tee-Yan-Uh).

I actually have no particular preference although the one I hear more often (now that I am so old) I associate with people trying to be all fancy or something. I’ve been trying to think about how I say it when I introduce myself but I think that thinking about it removes my natural impulse. Maybe the more I hear this hoity-toity version, the closer I get to saying it that way, and so that feeds into me hearing it even more?

Is this post the most narcissistic one I have ever written? (Somehow I doubt that).

Now, enjoy!


On this day:

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In 2007 – It turns out, it was caused by road gunk messing with the gear box when it was wet out, so the car ‘thought’ it was not in park. The solution any time this happened was to put the car in N and move it a couple inches.
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In 2005 – yup

2 Comments on “Say my name say my name.”

  1. Libby says:

    I always assumed it was pronounced the hoity toity way. I wonder how much the Disney princess has influenced how people say your name?

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