Number 8

Last month, I completed Life List item #8 “Have my next Tattoo”. I had it worked on (By Julian at 5 cents) over 3 sessions, spanning from September to February. During each one I was all WHY AM I DOING THIS??? but I love it. It looks really cool and it’s a nod to my children and the work was really well done.


I feel kind of strange striking number 8 off the list. When I added it to the list, I didn’t have a totally clear concept, or have anything booked with any artist, and it seemed so distant. But now, I already have the time booked for my next piece (covering up everything that is on my back) and so I’m KIND of inclined to leave this life list item open-ended.


On the other hand, the list is to motivate me to do things, and I’ve done this, and I guess, am continuing to do it. So it’s done. I got my ‘next’ tattoo. Yay!

hurricane rocket leg

8. Have my next Tattoo

On this day:

In 2008 – My preggo belly
In 2006 – gifts
In 2005 – I actually still have flavour-memory of this soup!

2 Comments on “Number 8”

  1. Jeff says:

    So gorgeous. I remember a wager you made with Shawn and I, where we lost and he had to come up with a sketch for the “next tattoo” by Thursday. It’s fun to see how that little seed has grown.

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