Garden Community

I live in a community that has lots of yard-gardens. Unfortunately, my rental doesn’t have a space for me to dig a garden. It does have a space that seems absolutely perfect for container gardening though. It’s a “u” shape between the houses and it’s just covered with rocks. I suspect it’s where the moisture gets into the basement.

I’m dreaming of filling that space up with containers. It faces South and is walled on the 3 other sides. I think having planters there will help soak up lots of the rain and reduce moisture seepage into the basement.

I also suspect that squirrels and hares will be an issue I’ll need to contend with. I don’t have much experience with that one.

I’ll plan on my usual of tomatoes and cucumbers and a few other things. I hope to make connections with other home-gardeners in the area so we can share our harvests.

Do you garden? What do you like to grow? Do you like to share, or hoard it all to yourself?

I really like the idea of subverting the food industry and growing as much of my own food as possible. But I also feel like this doesn’t really hurt Big Food and really only affects small-scale producers I’d otherwise be buying from. Does anyone have more detailed thoughts on this?

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3 Comments on “Garden Community”

  1. KG says:

    To get rid of garden animal jerks, lay down chicken wire and put human hair in and on the soil every few weeks. They hate the smell.

  2. I have been having a lot of garden daydreams this winter. I look at pictures of green spaces on Pinterest and I really want to put my hands in the dirt.

  3. exciting! I have been looking into containers of gardening in. Kae wants to plant tomatoes and Ava wants to plan zucchini. I like to plan herbs because I love the smell. Hopefully spring will be here soon.

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