Family History

I don’t really know much about my family history.

There’s something about the mysterious death of my grandfather. There’s something about Belgium and maybe about France. My mom is really into using that popular family tree website but I don’t really learn all that much from it.

My maternal great-grandmother was Innu. This is something I recently learned although I always knew she was part of an indigenous group. I feel like, right now, that’s the most tangible thing I can learn about since I don’t know anything about the regions of provenance of my other ancestors. And I also don’t feel like the cultural histories of Belgium and France are all that relevant to my life here in Canada.

I’m not sure if she was Innu proper, Montagnais or Naskapi and I doubt I ever will know. This is something that I’m just starting to look into and learn about so for now, it’s kind-of a link-dump/resource pit.

If you have any great resources, please share!

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