Hi. Your profile is really intriguing! Wanna meet up?

I am really enjoying the ‘rejection letters’ I have been sending to the sexist, racist, homophobic (etc) men who message me on OKC lately.

Basically they go like this:

“I clearly state in my profile that I am looking to date people who have a good working knowledge and practice of enthusiastic consent, identify as feminists/feminist allies and are committed to anti-racism, anti-homophobia etc. Below you will find questions and your answers which have shown me that I should not ever date you.”

And then I copy and paste to my hearts content! I don’t explain why I think their answers irk me. I’m not doing hand-holding-teaching with this.

So far it is working out really great. No one has argued with me over my assessment of them, it makes me feel like I’m doing something about the obvious problem of dudes not reading profiles at all and copy-pasting the same message to everyone that looks hot enough for them to fuck and MAYBE just maybe it will have some people re-evaluate their positions on a thing or two.


On this day:

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