When the cat’s away…

…the mouse will reorganize all of the things with no interference.

For real though, Shawn left town on Thursday and I have gotten so much stuff done around the house that I’m kind of amazed. I completely cleaned and organized our room, I’ve painted furniture, I’ve cleared out some things. I dunno. I don’t want to be too specific because I want it to be kind of surprising for when he gets home.

I made a list of 10 things I hoped to get done while he was away. I’ve already completed 6 as well as four more that weren’t even on the list. OHHH it feels so satisfying!

The part that’s amazing really is that I did all this while I had the kids all weekend. We spent lots of quality time together and they helped me with some of the tasks. Previously in my life, I’ve been so efficient. I wouldn’t leave a room without carrying something that needed to be put away in my destination, for example. I’ve been slacking on that kind of work, and I’m glad to get back in the practice of it because it keeps things running more smoothly and leaves more time for other things.

I’ve also noticed that in the time Shawn was away and the kids were home, I barely ate. Probably this is because he does a lot to help with kid-raising and I have time/focus to eat when he is around, this is not a thing that was previously present in my life.  I think I can blame him for 10 lbs now.

On this day:

In 2011 – He still chews his nails sometimes. I did the same thing for most of my youth. I’m constantly working on giving him the tools to feel confident and secure but also kind and compassionate. THIS is the hard part of parenting (for me).
In 2008 – fart
In 2007 – more farts
In 2006 –   njk
In 2005 – I have no idea what the Jewish Spanish thing was about. It probably would have been horrible. Glad I forgot it.


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