Getting Hairy

I forget with whom the topic came up, but some months ago, I realized that I have been shaving my legs since… Grade 7? I had NEVER seen what my unshaven, post-pubescent legs looked like!

I decided to find out. I stopped shaving them.

The first thing I noticed was that my winter-months showers were much more pleasant. Normally, I would shower and try to get warm enough so my legs didn’t have goosebumps so I could shave them without cutting them all to shit. I do not warm up well and so lots of cuts are pretty much inevitable in winter. I also spend less time in the shower as a result, saving water. Amazing.

The second thing I noticed was that, as the hairs got to be about half a centimeter long, it was painful. They would rub on my pants and inside my socks. But once they grew a bit longer and more pliable, it was fine.

I’ve really become interested in discovering the hair patterns. There really isn’t anything going on above my knee. Just a few thin blonde hairs here and there. Below the knee, I have slightly thicker, reddish hair. There is barely any on my calves. It’s more dense near my ankles and thins out as it makes it’s way up my leg.

I had a few problems with ingrown hairs the first two weeks but no longer. I think it’s at the maximum length now. It has seemed consistent for the last two weeks at about 2cm long.

I’m not sure if my legs are warmer. To compare, I guess I’d have to remove the hair from only one.


-I prefer my life not worrying about shaving my legs in the cold months.

-Maybe when I decide to remove it (because I like the look of hairless legs with dresses/shorts etc) I will try waxing. I have never waxed my legs either. Maybe I will like that more than shaving.

-I probably won’t ever bother removing hair from my thighs, ever again (except when I’m getting my thigh tattooed next week)

-Hairy legs are not gross. There are no bugs or hidden jam-filled areas. My body is amazing and I love it and I can choose what to do or not do with it.

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