Please take me out into the woods

I like being out in nature no matter the season, but I am super low on motivation to do it in the winter.

Things like downhill ski and skating and and other winter sports seem like so much work. The gear is expensive and where am I going to put it and I guess I can rent but where can I rent and how much is the rental fee and the whole thing is just OVERWHELMING.

But I’d like to go out and do these things. I need some super-cutie to invite me out and know all the answers and have some plans and I can bring food and hot drinks and it will be amazing. I can even build a fire! I know how to do that!

On this day:

In 2013 – I started to really understand what it feels like to have agency over my sex-life.
In 2011 – I’m super glad I have no need for more furniture at this moment.
In 2008 – I really loved my Snoogle and I wish I still had it for when I don’t have a sleeping buddy.


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