Hot-tubbing is a verb

Yesterday I had the best idea ever. Actually, no. On Sunday I had the best idea ever but I couldn’t do it because the local pool was closed by 5pm and my idea was at 9pm.

So the plan was hatched for Monday evening; Go to the local pool (without the kids, for a change) and use the hot tub and steam room. I was so excited that I had a hard time waiting until when the public swim actually started. Shawn decided to distract me with a card game  and I got involved in that and probably lost out on 10 minutes of hot-tub-time. But it’s ok.

Shawn Gen and I headed over. The smaller pool was closed. I like that one because it’s temperature is warmer than the lap-pool. Some other guy in the hot tub told us they would open it upon request. After a couple of hot-tub > steam room rounds, Gen asked the lifeguard to open the pool and in we went! We were the only three to go in it and it was nice to float around and not worry about bumping in to anybody. After getting super warm again in the hot tub, I decided to do a couple laps in the big pool. It felt so cold by comparison but my body was feeling so good that taking off for an energetic swim felt so right. Then I took a super hot shower in the change room (note to self, bring lotion next time!).

I had been dreaming of the hot tub because I quit my chiropractor. I had gone for the last year, as part of attaining the life list goal of being more present in my body. I’d go once a week (twice if I somehow managed it) for a quick little adjustment. I really enjoyed it, but because I don’t actually have back problems, I couldn’t justify the cost.

So it worked I guess. I do have to be more mindful of my body because if I was feeling any stiffness or tension, I’d pop in for an adjustment and usually feel super great immediately. Now I need to figure out what’s causing me the strain and take steps to eliminate it and rectify it myself. And I’m doing it! I’m not going to cross that off the list yet though, I still think it’s something I need to work on a little more before it’s fully integrated in my life.

Anyway, the evening at the baths was wonderful. My body felt all warm and relaxed. I made sure to bundle up so I would stay super warm for the 2 block walk home. I had a marvelously deep sleep and I feel so calm in my body today.

I had a wonderful experience in taking care of myself, spending time with my housemates and supporting / using a community resource. All for a lower cost that a quick visit to the chiropractor!

{PS. It’s Shawn’s birthday today! SUPER SMOOCHES}

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