Let Birthday Week COMMENCE!

Today is Friday. Next Friday is my birthday. I usually make a BIG FUCKING DEAL about it.

This year, not so much. Bobby has a PD day so I booked it off work. I’ll also keep Molly home from daycare because I have no desire to drive out to Orleans in the morning if I don’t have to. I’d like to check out the playgroup at one of the local schools in the morning. Later in the day, we will make my birthday cake. I bought a bunch of meyer lemons so maybe my cake will be lemon pie? Do you have an awesome lemon pie recipe? Or a pie crust recipe? Let me know!

I suppose I could invite a few people over for dinner. That would actually be quite nice! Ok, I’m going to get on that.

I’ve already planned to go out on a date with Shawn that evening (the Venus Envy anniversary party) and my wonderful Best Roommate Ever has offered to babysit. The kids should be asleep by the time I go out, so that’s the easiest babysitting job of all time.

So if you want to give me gifts, here are some great ideas:

– groceries


-air plants in cute suspended glass enclosures

-a massage

-a unicorn shirt

-something foxy


Oh and Cabin Socks from Roots. I want a million. I have two pairs and I want to wear them everyday.

On this day:

In 2013 – talking about my FEELINGS!
In 2012 – success
In 2011 – maternity photo shoot
In 2008 – go away
In 2007 – I really did love Pilates
In 2006 – Gilmore Girls super fan nerd alert
In 2005 – back when my favorite orange hair dye was still widely stocked

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