Think of the kittens!!!

kitten mittens

In December, I saw Diana post a photo of mittens she made out of old sweaters and I took up the challenge of making my own pair. My current mittens were about 10 years old and had lost their capacity to retain heat.

I had a nice grey wool sweater of Shawn’s that I had ruined by putting it in the dryer. It had elbow patches and I incorporated these into my mittens. As I had recently sold my sewing machine due to lack of use, I hand stitched these mittens over 3 days when I could find the time.  They weren’t perfectly made, but damn they were warm. I threw out my old pair.

And now? NOW!? I have lost them. There is no reason they should not be in my home but I can not find them for 2 days of looking. I’m really disappointed. The only thing I can fathom is that a house guest mistakenly took them upon their departure. So today I’m back to wearing my thin fall hand-coverings that barely keep the chill away and I suffer for it.

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