not really a resolution

In speaking with Tim yesterday, I’ve decided I should probably try and read more than 1.5 books per year. I used to read for at least an hour before bed every night, now I read about an hour per month – I blame parenthood and reading online.

So what’s a good goal? 1 book per month? Even that seems daunting right now. Maybe I’ll just keep a list of completed books and see how many I can get to, and maybe try for one extra next year.

How often do you read? What make for the right conditions?


On this day:


In 2010 – I now also have a white one and a black one.
In 2006 – Bloody Mary
In 2005 – This is how much I love dogs


2 Comments on “not really a resolution”

  1. KG says:

    I think # of books per month is hard, because currently I’m reading a massive book that is dry and will probably take months to read. (The History of NYC before 1800s). I say start with amount of time per day. Usually a half hour turns into longer, etc.

    • Tiana says:

      Oh that’s a good idea. I used to read for a bit before bed each night but I’ve found lately that it’s hard to use my brain when I am so very tired. Maybe I just need to train it back into thought-producing shape!

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