for the record

I’ve had a wonderful day and I’m having trouble sleeping. I plan to wake up in 4 hours to trek out to Orleans to be with my kids when they wake up so I’m just going to list the awesome things about today and hope that brings me over to slumberland.


  • A sexy wake-up
  • Walking with Shawn to the Hintonburg Market for foods for tomorrow’s dinner and then to Double Rainbow to see about getting a duck
  • Chilling at home, baking cookies, playing cards, watching season 2 of Girls.
  • Walking with Shawn to Venus Envy and getting some books for the kids and an awesome gift for Gen but she’s out of town so she’ll get it when she returns.
  • Eating the most garlicky shawarma. I haven’t has one in ages.
  • Going to the new LCBO at Bank and Gladstone and trying to chat up a cutie working there and basically just ending up being a normal customer asking where to find something.
  • Visiting Laura and taking a shower at her place – I’m totally into showering at her place whenever I can.
  • The luxurious choice of taking a cab home (which was so nice that I’m ALMOST not bummed that somewhere along the way I lost a twenty dollar bill)
  • Building a cake
  • Building a boat
  • Sex on the high seas
  • Snuggles and Netflix
  • Sleep? Please yes.

on this day:

In 2011 – Molly learned to walk.
In 2008 – “mackbook” LOL


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