I’ve been sick for ages and years and decades. Ok, maybe that is a bit dramatic.

It started 2 Fridays ago, or even a few days before that, with persistent, low-level nausea. Then last Wednesday is turned into gastro. I felt mostly better but still wiped on Monday and so I went to work. Yesterday I went to work but felt like death all day. I had gotten my period and a coldsore. After work I went grocery shopping and went home. By 7:30 my body was mostly disintegrated. This morning my throat is on fire.

Through all this, both kids and both adult housemates have been sick as well.

I guess the silver lining is that this is before the holidays even start so maybe we’ll all feel better by the end of the week.




On this day:

In 2011 – I do love making cinnamon rolls
In 2009 – an outdated list of stuff to do
In 2008 – I gave Bobby a haircut
In 2007 – Sometimes I don’t follow through with things
In 2006 – drank
In 2005 – yaya





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