A cozy hug from nature.

The big topic this morning is the snow. In Ottawa, we woke up to a foot and a half of it, the majority of it having fallen after midnight. There are some things I don’t like about winter. Most of them have to do with transporting kids and snowsuits.

But I sure do love massive amounts of snow. It changes the quality of the light. It softens the harsh noises of the city. It gets all those driving cars to slow down a little, and be mindful of the people around them. It has neighbours laughing, commiserating and helping each other dig their way out of their homes.

I feel like other seasons are about adventure and exploring and freedom. Winter is about caring and bonding.

On this day:

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2 Comments on “A cozy hug from nature.”

  1. jenn says:

    I feel the same. Makes me feel cozy

  2. t says:

    I wonder if it would have the same effect on a city like Los Angeles…hmmmm….nope. Enjoy Canada!

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